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xZahirians Badminton Challenge 2021 Concludes in Style

The InterBatch Badminton Challenge 2021 was concluded on February 04, at Befit Indoor Academy, Mawanella.

The Tournament was first of it’s kind for the Zahirian alma mater and was named after long serving retired Teachers of the College.

The batches were categorised as;

Group A – M S Azad Challenge Trophy
AL 2020 and Below
Group B – S M A Salam
AL 2012 and Below
Group C – H M U Nizar Udayar
AL 2004 and Below
Group D – M A Abdul Haleem
AL 1996 and below
Group E – N M Fowzer
AL 1988 and below

The Tournament format was on knock off basis and winners proceeded to the next level.

The aim of the tournament was to increase the engagement of the Alma mater and provide a much needed platform to engage in Sports after the period of recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Teachers Mr. Azad, Mr. Salam, Mr. Nizar Udayar, Mr. Abdul Haleem, and Mr. Fowzer were the guest of honor for the Presentation ceremony.

The guest invitees included the Principal of the College Mr.Jiffry, The Secretary of the School Development Society, Mr. Rizmi, Assistant Treasurer of Sri Lanka Badminton Association of Mr. Kanchana, Representatives from the Old Boys Association, OBA Foreign branches, Sponsors and other invited guests.

AL batch of 2018 won M S Azad Challenge Trophy
AL batch of 2008 won the S M A Salam Challenge Trophy
AL batch of 1998 won H M U Nizar Udayar Challenge Trophy
AL batch of 1991 won M A Abdul Haleem Challenge Trophy
M.K.M Wazeer & M.R.M Rifaideen from Group E won N M Fowzer Challenge Trophy

The event was organised under the strict compliance of the Covid-19 health guidelines.

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