Weligama Beach, Sri Lanka- Unleash Your Inner Peace With The Beauty Of A Sensational Beach!

As a beautiful island that is surrounded by the vast Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is a place that lives up to its name with endless options for beaches. So, here’s another episode from us that addresses your curiosity about Weligama Beach– another wonderful beach hotspot visited by thousands of beach lovers!

Nestled among lush vegetation and first-class beach resorts, Weligama is among the most beautiful beaches in the Matara District of Sri Lanka. This location is another popular hotspot for surfing in the country. Many local and foreign tourists flock around this place to enjoy the perfect sun, sea waves, and recreational activities. There are also tons of other interesting things to do around Weligama Beach.

With so much to share about Weligama Beach, let’s move on to the rest of the article and see what we have piled up for you!

Where is Weligama Beach Located?

Weligama Beach is situated in Weligama, a small coastal town in the Matara District of the Southern province of Sri Lanka. This beach hotspot is located approximately 15 minutes from Mirissa and 40 minutes from the historic city of Galle.

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It is also about 93 miles south of the capital city of Colombo. The shoreline does not stretch out very far unlike other beach destinations in the country. It is much more compact yet spacious and extends for about two kilometers.

Why Is Weligama Beach A Place That Is Worth Visiting?

If you’re planning on your down-south itinerary of this paradise island, Weligama Beach is a location that should be on the top of your list. Need to know why? Here’s the answer to why you shouldn’t leave the country without visiting this place!

Weligama Beach was one of the most underrated places in the country until it gradually became popular among tourists. The main reason for this is its consistent and favorable waves, making it a heaven for surfers.

The name “Weligama ” literally translates as “sandy village” in English which can be realistic enough as the place is nothing but a retreat of golden sandy beaches. This stunning beach has many world-class beach resorts, seaside restaurants, and hotels. The scenery on Weligama Beach is truly amazing and a sight to contemplate.

The crystal clear waters and soft sandy shores are wonderful, making it the ideal place to unwind, relieve stress, and soak up the sun. You have many things to enjoy here and places to visit nearby. It is truly worth spending a few days, enjoying what this fascinating place offers.

A Tad-Bit From the History Of Weligama

There are several sites of historical significance within Weligama and its suburbs. “Kushta Raja Gala” or “Rock of the Leper King” is one of the famous landmarks while there are several other religiously important places such as Agrabodhi Vihara.

This area is also recognized for its “Beeralu” (Bobbin lace-making), first introduced by the Portuguese in the 16th century, This traditional lace-making has remained a beautiful handicraft along the coastal area of Weligama.

This area was significantly affected by the Tsunami tidal wave in 2004. But later the authorities invested laboriously in the area, reforming older buildings and landscaping roadsides.

Exciting Things To Enjoy In Weligama Beach And Its Vicinity

  1. Enjoy The Beach and Waves

Starting with the best Weligama offers, enjoying the waves and beach is for anyone! This is a family-friendly beach so that your whole family can admire the charm of this beach. Soak in the sun and get yourself salted in the seawater as you forget the chaos in your life for a moment.

Many people visit Weligama Beach which is not very large in terms of area, so this would not be the perfect place if you plan a laid-back beach retreat. However, if you hit this place at sunrise the beach would be much calmer and serene. The sight of the sunset from here is truly magical. Dip in the clear blue water and enjoy the soft sands at Weligama to make lifetime-worthy memories.

  1. Engage In Watersports and Other Recreational Activities


Weligama is known as the surfers’ paradise! The waves are fascinating, making it the ideal spot for beginners. Still, an advanced surfer can also catch some excellent waves. The outside reef can be fun, while occasionally Weligama Bay provides the same.

The choices of different surf spots are less though compared to the winter season. Winds are offshore in Weligama most days, so you can surf any time. The surf here is between 2-8 feet and winds are usually faint in the morning.

This provides evident conditions advantageous for the surfers. There are hollow reef breaks, long point breaks, and fun beach breaks on request, catering to all surf levels. There are expert coaches who can give you the best surfing lessons. Surfboards are on rent and lessons are offered for reasonable prices. Doing your homework and finding the best trainer before visiting this place would be best.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Snorkeling is another wonderful underwater experience to have at Weligama. Even if you have never done snorkeling before, you may start here since there are guides to instruct you. Swimming, watching, and feeding sea turtles in their natural habitat is an amazing experience that you should have here. 

Weligama Bay also provides spectacular scuba diving opportunities. This paradise of turquoise-colored waters and plenty of fish and coral life makes it the ultimate marine adventure.


Kayaking is an exceptional choice for those interested in digging beyond the shoreline. You can find many rental shops along the beach that provide kayaks for you to use.

Paddling out into the water delivers a different viewpoint of the coastline. It is also an opportunity for some peaceful time away from the crowds on the beach. For extra adventure, some kayaks come equipped with fishing gear.

Boat Rides

Boat rides are another way to explore the coastal magnificence around Weligama Beach. Many local organizations offer short boat trips. You can glide over the clear waters, and if you’re lucky, you might even see some turtles or dolphins. These boat rides are a calming way to take in the surrounding views.

Other Recreational Activities On The Beach

Beach volleyball nets are placed on Weligama Beach so that anyone can enjoy the sweaty beach volleyball session. If you don’t have your own ball, most often,  vendors who sell gear can be found on the beach.

You could play not only beach volleyball, but also other beach sports such as frisbee and beach soccer. These activities are a great way to socialize especially if you are keen on making more connections with people.

  1. Exploring Weligama Town

Weligama Town is located just a short distance from the main beach. It is an experience where you can capture a great deal of the blend of local culture, dining, and shopping options.  Local markets deliver an array of spices, fresh produce, and handcrafted items, offering a glance into the daily lives of the villagers.

The cafes and restaurants serve up various dishes that vary from traditional Sri Lankan cuisine to international options for food enthusiasts. Regarding cultural and historical sites, Weligama Town is home to many temples and points of interest that add profoundness to your visit.

  1. Visit Taprobane Island

Located off the west coast of Weligama Bay, Taprobane Island is a small islet that has attracted many tourists lately. This location is probably the most Instagrammed place in Weligama. Many visitors to the beach take home a beautiful click of this tiny island. 

It seems that Taprobane has been invaded by a thick blanket of greenery, shrouded by the sky-blue water of the Indian Ocean. Even though the island is a tiny jungle in the middle of the ocean, there is a small villa on the island. 

This villa is a five-bedroom boutique hotel and is available to anyone who wants to come and visit the island. This thick vegetation in the middle of the ocean appears uncanny as though you leave the outer world behind. 

During low tide, there is a sizzle of land that connects Taprobane to the mainland so you can just walk there. However, during high tide and the offseason you will have to take a short boat ride, which is quite an adventure itself.

  1. Take A Yoga Class and Cooking Lessons

With thriving tourism in the area, Weligama offers many activities beyond the joy you can get from the beach and sea. Yoga is very popular in this area while experts locals also provide cooking lessons for foreigners.

Yoga sessions are usually conducted on the beach by expert coaches. However,  you must move out to the town and vicinity to take some interesting cooking lessons.

Cooking workshops can be arranged upon your request while there are one-day workshops and some lessons can go on for days. You can learn how to make authentic Sri Lankan dishes and enjoy them on your own.

Dining Experience and Place to Stay Around Weligama Beach

Weligama is an area that offers a range of excellent dining options including hotels, restaurants, cafes, and juice bars. You get the chance to savor some of the best seafood in the country from these places. Most seaside bars and restaurants happen during the day while they get more lively at night. 

The ambience of seaside cafes and restaurants at night is truly magical and you will have an unforgettable experience. You can chill with a beer while enjoying some good house music or dance till midnight. 

The hotels located around Weligama also provide first-class amenities. The spa experience from these places should not be underrated. You can have a fantastic ayurvedic spa session that revives both your body and mind. 

You can find super luxury hotels and ones that are affordable and suit your budget. So, if you’re planning on your next trip to Weligama, here’s a little push from us to locate a good place for you to stay and dine:

  • W15- Weligama
  • Catch99 at Naomi’s Restaurant and Sushi bar
  • Weligama Bay Marriott Resort & Spa
  • Cape Weligama
  • Eraeliya Villas & Gardens
  • Cinnamon House by The Serendipity Collection

Directions To Reach Weligama

If you’re heading to Weligama from the capital city of Colombo, you have multiple options such as using the train, bus, or a private vehicle. It will take around 3 hours for you to travel by train or bus from Colombo. 

Traveling on a private vehicle, will take less than 3 hours to reach Weligama via the Southern Expressway. It takes less than three minutes to get to Weligama Beach and a few more minutes to get to the beach if you’re coming from the bus. 

Taking public transportation is budget-friendly while private transportation can be convenient. If you’re looking for a different experience, you may also use domestic flights. The closest destination to Weligama is Koggala where it might take around 30 minutes to reach the Weligama beach. You can contact the service providers and book your flight ahead of time.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Weligama Beach?

Generally, like most other places in the country, Weligama also undergoes two rainy seasons and dry seasons. Accordingly, the best time to visit and swim in Weligama Beach would be between the months of October to April when the sea isn’t too rough and the weather is perfect.

Nearby Attractions To Weligama

  • Koggala Beach
  • Snake Farm Weligama
  • Mirissa Beach
  • Secret Beach
  • Handunugoda Tea Estate
  • Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Museum Complex
  • Historical City of Galle
  • Bentota Beach

Bentota is one of the most iconic coastal towns that you’ll find in the southern province of Sri Lanka. Click on this link and discover more about this beautiful beach town and things to do here.

General Travel Tips When Visiting Weligama Beach

  • Carry a lot of sun protection gear and applications- Weligama gets a lot of sun most time of the year. Therefore, you should be carrying the necessary sun protection gear and applications with you.
  • Do not forget to indulge in fresh king coconuts- Regardless of the many juice bars dotted on the beach of Weligama, do not forget to treat yourself with a fresh king coconut. You can get this from the local vendors on the beach and you’ll be helping their small business too.
  • Always be aware of the weather alerts- This is important if you visit this place during rainy days. Sometimes, the sea can get aggressive therefore, always let the local operators guide you when hitting the sea.
  • Be aware of the scammers- Sometimes there can be locals who will try to scam you with highly-priced goods on the beach. Therefore, it is important to have a general knowledge of the existing prices.
  • Avoid taking any valuable things onto the beach- Weligama Beach is not patrolled. Therefore, do not carry any of your extra money, electrical devices, etc., to the beach. Take only what is necessary.

Weligama Beach- A Utopia To Explore The Sandy Beaches, Great Waves, and Places to Explore!

Weligama undoubtedly emerges as one of the most sought-after tourist destinations lying on the beautiful southern coast of Sri Lanka. Whether you are looking for delicious food or to enjoy tourist attractions like golden beaches and underwater landscapes with stunning marine life, Weligama presents a plethora of things for its visitors to explore!

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