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Vaccinated Sri Lankans returning can avoid quarantine – Army Commander

Sri Lankans who return to the country after being vaccinated with both doses of the COVID-19 jab, are permitted to enter the society if they return negative results for the PCR test conducted upon arrival, Army Commander General Shavendra Silva, the Head of the National Operations Centre for Prevention of COVID-19 Outbreak (NOCPCO) told reporters on Monday (Mar. 29).

“For Sri Lankans who are coming from abroad already vaccinated with both doses, on arrival they can undergo the PCR test and if the PCR test returns negative results, they can enter the society from day 02 upon arrival,” Army Commander General Shavendra Silva pointed out.

However, tourists who arrive in Sri Lanka even after being vaccinated with both doses, are still required to undergo 07-days of quarantine.

“If a tourist comes with both vaccines, he has to take the landing PCR and if it is negative, he must still remain for 07-days at the hotel. This is for foreigners since they get different types of vaccines. However, on the 07th day, if the PCR is negative, they can exit the travel bubble,” the Army Commander elaborated.

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