Unawatuna Beach Sri Lanka- Beautiful Experience Of The Sands and Sea!

It is no secret that this paradise island is filled with the best beaches in the world. The sand and sea are two of the main things for travelers to put Sri Lanka on top of their bucket lists. So, let’s bring you another spectacular beach destination in the country- Unawatuna Beach Sri lanka!

Unawatuna Beach is located in Galle, Sri Lanka, the main town in the country’s southern province. Nestled among a great selection of hotels and guesthouses, this beach boasts the beauty of Sri Lanka through its turquoise water and palm-lined beaches. The vibrant beach vibe is exceptional and catches anyone’s eyes and heart at a glance.

So, let’s dive deeper into this special destination and see what it offers you!

Where Is Unawatuna Beach Sri lanka Located?

The world-famous Unawatuna Beach is in the Galle district of the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. Lying gracefully on the southwestern coast, it takes about 17 minutes to reach Unawatuna from the city of Galle.

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At the same time, it is about 90 miles from the capital city of Colombo which will take like two hours to travel. Unawatuna is a small yet major coastal town in Sri Lanka that exhibits great tourism.

Why Is Unawatuna Beach So Special?

Stretching for almost 3 miles, the spectacular Unawatuna Beach is popular across the globe as one of the most beautiful beaches in Sri lanka. This place is known for ecotourism with its palm trees, pristine golden sands, and turquoise water.

The shallow water levels are ideal for bathing and swimming, making it the perfect holiday destination for travelers visiting Sri lanka with family. The beach holds a unique banana shape, making it a picture-perfect location for travel bloggers and Instagram enthusiasts.

The calm blue water is a blissful experience for anyone who needs to unwind under the sun.

The area around the sea and beach has fine dining areas, refreshment spots, hotels, bars, and restaurants to revive whenever you need a break from the waters.

You wouldn’t have to stop from Unawatuna Beach as you get many other interesting places to explore around this area. Although this destination is famous among many as a family-friendly, kid-friendly beach, it will also become your favorite honeymoon getaway under the starry nights!

A Drop From The Rich History Of Unawatuna Beach Sri lanka

This major tourist destination also boasts a colorful history. Referring to historical records, we learned that the history of Unawatuna runs back to the Dutch era. The town was the battlefield between the Dutch and the Portuguese.

Also, according to the classic Ramayana, Unawatuna was a seashore with thousands of trees. The place has been lined with coconuts, and palms prevailing, rows of houses and hermitages along the coastline.

Human beings and superior beings like Siddhas, Gandharvas, and ascetics have lived here.

Mythical records also say that the beach was also occasionally visited by heavenly beings and demons. The name “Unawatuna” is derived from the Sinhala words “Onna-wetuna” which means “there it fell”.

Since the history of Unawatuna is related to the pre-Christian era, it is surrounded by several religious and historical places such as “Wella Devala”.

Like many coastal areas in Sri Lanka, this place was also affected by the Tsunami tidal wave in 2004. But later, it was brought back to normal attracting thousands of tourists like never before!

The Unforgettable Experience You Can Get by Visiting Unawatuna Beach Sri lanka

Maintaining its place as one of the most majestic beaches in the country, Unawatuna is certainly a place that should be on top of your travel itinerary. Like many foreigners, Sri Lankans from different parts of the country also make it a habit to visit this beach each year on their mandatory “down-south” trip.

The main reason for this uncanny popularity is its versatility as a beach destination. Whether you travel alone, with friends, family with kids, or with your partner as a romantic getaway, this place has something to serve every one of you.

The beach has plenty of sunbeds to relax under the cozy sun. Even during the peak season, you can expect to spend a leisurely day on the beach or in tranquil blue waters.

Once you need a break from sunbathing or swimming, there are many excellent places to go for a drink, refresh, and dine. The restaurants provide the best seafood, where you can tantalize your palate with authentic Sri Lankan dishes.

Adventures Beyond The Main Beach and Sea…

If you need more adventure and an extended tranquil beach experience you can visit nearby beaches such as Jungle Beach, Dalawella Beach, Mihiripenna Beach, etc. These beaches will offer a more laid-back excursion, making the perfect destinations to chill out.

You can also engage in exhilarating water sports such as paddleboard surfing, diving, and snorkeling. Visiting the turtle hatcheries and releasing the baby turtles to the sea is one of the most memorable experiences you can have with your kids.

The area is also full of unique shops that sell all kinds of distinct fabrics, clothes, souvenirs, and stuff that could be inherent and related to the culture of Sri Lanka. In addition, there are several places around this area where you can go sightseeing. You can hire a tuk-tuk or a mortar bike ride to make things more adventurous.

If you’re an intrigued traveler who seeks more interesting things to do in Unawatuna Beach, we are ready to educate you with all we know. Click on this link and refer to our comprehensive article to learn all about the fun things you can do during your visit to Unawatuna!

What Is The Best Time To Visit Unawatuna Beach?

Unawatuna is a popular destination to visit all year round. But still,  September is the perfect time to go due to several reasons such as the climate, accommodation, and cost of travel, as well as dodging peak holiday periods. During the summer, the temperature in Unawatuna can grow as high as 90℉.

The weather at night in the winter, which is close to January time, can decrease to a minimum of 74℉. If you’re excited to see the sights of Unawatuna during the day, the sun stays up the longest around June. This place gets the most rainfall in May.

How Can You Get To Unawatuna Beach?

The best way to get to Unawatuna is to make it happen during your trip to Galle. This place is just 17-20 minutes away from the city of Galle. You can take a tuk-tuk ride or get the help of a  local taxi service such as Uber or Pick Me.

But, if you’re traveling from Colombo, you can take public transport like the bus or train. Or else, the most convenient would be to use a cab. You can take the bus from the Colombo Fort bus stand straight to Unawatuna town and then take a tuk-tuk from there to reach your destination.

If you wish to take the train from Fort, there’s a train straight to Unawatuna station. It will take only about 5 minutes to get to the beach from the Unawatuna railway station. While public transport is still reliable and cheap, the time and convenience depend. Therefore, if you need a comfortable ride, the best is to use private transport such as a taxi or rent-a-car service.

Attractions Near Unawatuna Beach That You Shouldn’t Miss Out On!

The adventure does not have to stop at Unawatuna Beach. You have many other places to explore around this area to make a complete journey! Here are some of the destinations that might interest you:

  • Jungle Beach
  • Japanese Peace Pagoda- Rumassala
  • Mihiripenna Beach
  • Walle Devalaya
  • Dewata Surfing Beach
  • Rumassala South Beach
  • Dalawella Beach
  • Koggala Beach
  • Talpe Beach
  • Turtle Hatcheries

In addition to these places around Unawatuna, you can take your trip to Galle and marvel at the beauty that Galle has to offer.

If you need to learn all about Galle and the things you get to experience there, we are happy to assist you with a detailed article. Click here for more information!

Things You Should Remember When Visiting Unawatuna Beach- Safety and Security Tips

Like most beach destinations in Sri Lanka, Unawatuna is also a very safe place to visit with your family. But a few things that might have your attention when hitting this place. The beach is usually very clean.

The management of the hotels and restaurants lining the beach is making a huge effort to preserve the cleanliness of this coast. Therefore, it is very important to remember that dumping garbage can ruin the beauty of this precious beach.

You could witness lifeguards appointed through the hotels patrolling the coast, suggesting and advising you with several things. Thus, even if this is your first time visiting here you can make it an unquestionably better experience.

More Towards Safety…

The next important thing to remember is to take your sun protection gear and applications. The sun on the Unawatuna beach can be very extreme so sun protection is crucial here. You may buy sun protection applications and gear in Sri lanka.

But still, they are not available as much as anywhere unless you hit a large supermarket. So, the best thing would be to carry your own. As another piece of advice, carry what is needed to the beach and leave your valuable things in the place where you are accommodated.

Since this place can be filled with tourists, especially during the season, there’s a chance you could lose your things without catching a glimpse of them. A general rule of thumb- avoid the monsoons and the bad weather as the waves can get feisty.

Admire The Tropical Beauty Of Unawatuna Beach, Sri Lanka As You Explore Every Inch Of The Place!

Enjoy the turquoise blue waters hitting the golden sandy shore with the lovely ear-pleasing hissing at Unawatuna. Plunge your feet inside the smooth, clean sands as you get sun-bathed in the warm sun.

Unawatuna Beach is one of the best beaches in Southeast Asia and it will reward you with some of the best experiences you can have in your lifetime. So, when do you plan on visiting Unawatuna? Let us know when you pack your travel luggage!

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