Experiences In Unawatuna Beach Sri Lanka – Why You Should Visit!

Unawatuna Beach in Sri Lanka is indeed one of the best places in the country that most travelers would never miss out on. But most of you might need to know what you can do in this wonderful place. So, let’s share the best experiences in Unawatuna Beach that you must get.

This beach destination is a place that usually overflows with happening occasions in most parts of the year. Enjoy the cozy sun, relax on the beach, and swim in the ocean. Some adventures here include eating out at the best seafood restaurants, wandering the area on a rented motorbike, visiting nearby attractions, and enjoying the popular beach swing.

That being said, here’s our guide to Unawatuna Beach and how you could enjoy your visit to the fullest!

Why You Shouldn’t Miss The Experiences In Unawatuna Beach- Reasons Why This Place Is Worth Visiting

If you happen to have to check any traveler’s Sri Lankan travel itinerary, Unawatuna is a place that is essentially on top of their lists. So, is it worth being exaggerated? Why has this beach become so popular among tourists? 

Unawatuna Beach is certainly a place that adds value to this paradise island with its unparalleled beauty. The distinctive turquoise blue water of the ocean and soft golden sand are the major elements that catch anyone’s heart and soul at a glance. 

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Being a kid-friendly, family-friendly destination, this has become the vacation utopia of many travelers who love fun, adventure, and excitement. Unawatuna Beach adds life to the vibrant southern coast of Sri Lanka day and night with its unique features. 

The commendable laid-back atmosphere mingled with the lively ambiance makes Unawatuna a remarkable place among all the other beaches in the country. This place has something to offer anyone who loves to spend quality time with the sun and ocean!

The Unmissable Things You Should Enjoy Among Experiences in Unawatuna Beach!

1- Learn to Surf and Enjoy Paddleboarding At Unawatuna Main Beach

As you enter the main beach of Unawatuna, you will start to feel the delight and excitement it offers. While an extended area is lined with tented beach beds, you will find an array of places that offer paddle boards for surfing one of the greatest experiences in Unawatuna Beach.

The sea has great waves to enjoy stand-up paddleboarding and surfing if you’re a pro. But, if you’re a beginner who loves to surf, you can get some great surfing lessons on the beach from professionals. The waves are not usually aggressive so even amateurs can learn very easily.

Unawatuna main beach is unofficially divided into two portions. You will find the locals in one section of the beach (towards Walle Devalaya). At the same time, the other end of the beach is usually specified for foreign travelers. This has been intentionally done so that foreigners get enough freedom to enjoy.

2- Play On The Beach or Take A Swim In The Shallow Waters

The sun is always so cozy on Unawatuna Beach that adrenaline junkies would never resist the thought of a good sport. Especially if you’re traveling with friends, beach volleyball is something that you will never miss out on playing here.

The beach has plenty of space for your little ones to enjoy their own time playing. You can carry their toy spades, shovels, and other equipment, allowing them to enjoy making sand castles on the soft sand.

Since the water is shallow water, kids can enjoy swimming and bathing in the ocean. Unawatuna is the ideal spot even for those who are scared of the waves but are still desperate to dip in the sea and get that wonderful experience.

3- Take a Break From The Sea and Refresh At A Nearby Juice Bar

There are plenty of fantastic juice bars, restaurants, cafes, and dining areas in Unawatuna Beach. They maintain high-quality standards, serving refreshments made with tropical fruits and traditional Sri Lankan ingredients.

You can enjoy an array of different fruit juices, cocktails, mocktails, and even snacks, lunch, and dinner. Most restaurants are family-run businesses where you can enjoy the goodness of homemade foods. The brunch served at these local restaurants is unmissable since they are incredibly good.

From traditional Sri Lankan rice and curries to English breakfast and fusion dishes from global cuisine, these diners will never disappoint you! If you just want to refresh with a drink that isn’t so fancy, many local vendors sell tasty king coconuts on the beach. Refreshing, affordable and wholesome!

4- Enjoy A Romantic Evening Watching The Sunset On The Beach

For those who seek a romantic honeymoon getaway, Unawatuna can be one of the best places for couples. The evenings and nights on this beach are magical, creating a perfectly endearing aura with the pleasing sea breeze and beach lights from the restaurants.

You can admire the beautiful sunset on the beach and enjoy a delicious dinner at a seaside restaurant surrounded by candlelight. Capture joyful memories with your camera lens and collect the most cherished moment of a lifetime enjoying experiences in Unawatuna Beach!

5- The Perfect Spot For Party Freaks!

The southern coast of Sri lanka is popular worldwide as a most happening area for beach parties. The nightlife at Unawatuna is exceptionally vibrant since it offers partygoers many lovely things.

These parties are mostly held during the weekend, especially on Saturdays. You will find many local and foreign party people here. As a great place to unwind and enjoy good house music, you can chill till midnight, dancing with beer.

The bars along the main street of Unawatuna usually offer ‘happy hour’ specials in the afternoon and into the early evening. These are the ideal places to get the party initiated. The parties don’t kick off until 10-11 PM, so relish pre-drinks elsewhere before hitting the party places.

You can inquire about these beach parties from the restaurants or the beach boys and prepare beforehand because most parties show up unannounced.

Did you know that Unawatuna boasts a rich history related to the legendary Ramayana? For more information about this spectacular beach destination, click on this link and refer to our informative post.

Adventure Beyond The Main Beach…

1- Relax At Nearby Beaches

After chilling out at the Unawatuna main beach, Jungle Beach, Dalawella Beach, and Wijaya Beach are some places that you shouldn’t miss out on. They are hidden gems in Unawatuna that most travellers infrequent due to their unawareness. 

However, recently these beaches have become popular. Thus, you will notice that they become more spirited to some extent as the main beach. The jungle beach and Dalawella beaches provide a more laid-back atmosphere than the main beach of Unawatuna. 

Something that you shouldn’t miss at Dalawella is the exciting rope swing which is one of the best experiences in Unawatuna Beach. This is an adventurous activity where a large rope is hung to a huge coconut tree. You can take exciting swings up to 3-5 times per session. 

This fun-filled activity has gone viral on Instagram thus many do not miss their chances to come here. It would be best if you could hit this place with the sunrise. So, it will be less crowded and you can enjoy the activity for a reasonable price too.

2- Sightseeing At Japanese Peace Pagoda- Rumassala

Japanese Peace Pagoda is a beautiful Buddhist Dagoba constructed in 2005 by Japanese monks as part of a procedure to build peace temples in conflict zones. It is located in the forest on the hillside north of Unawatuna’s main Beach which will take only a few minutes to reach.

This impressive place is a monument that serves as a sign of hope for people worldwide. It has now become a famous tourist attraction. You will have the chance to enjoy the incredible views over the bay of Galle towards Galle Fort from this place.

 It also provides one of the perfect spots for the always amazing Sri Lankan sunsets. Remember to be respectful when visiting this place and read the sign boards when capturing the photos and videos.

3- Do Not Forget To Visit The Souvenir Shops and the Local Market

Shops around Unawatuna provide as much excitement as the beach would do. You can find plenty of great souvenir shops, and boutiques that sell uncommon jewelry items and fabrics. Most of the designs sold at these shops are unique and pretty amazing to take home.

Traditional Sri Lankan designer clothes will be some that you will only get once in your lifetime in your experiences in Unawatuna Beach. Not only that, do not forget to take a short trip to a nearby fresh fruit and vegetable market. You will find many fresh goods here and the food items intrinsic to this area. If you’re accommodated at a homestay, you can buy all your cooking needs from these shops including fresh seafood.

4- Hire A MotorBike To Wander The Area

Even though we talk about Unawatuna Beach as a single holiday destination, you might not be able to finish enjoying this place in one day! Thus, if you plan to spend a few days here, exploring the areas on a rented motorbike will double your fun and enjoyment. 

After you are done at the Unawatuna main beach, there are plenty of other places around that you can visit. All these places are located a few miles away so you can enjoy the ride on a motorbike. This is indeed one of the best things to do here especially if you’re a solo backpacker or traveling with your partner.

There are companies renowned for renting quality motorbikes and you can hire them with or without a rider guide. If you are not interested in traveling on a motorbike, you may hire a push bike or a tuk-tuk.

5- Take Cooking Lessons and Yoga Sessions

With thriving tourism and demand for authentic Sri Lanka dishes, many people around Unawatuna have started giving cooking lessons for enthusiastic learners. By joining these cooking classes, you can get hands-on experience to make the most delicious traditional Sri Lankan dishes.

They provide individual and group classes depending on your request. The ingredients and utensils are provided and you will have to pay a reasonable fee for them. You can even enjoy the food you prepared and learn how successful you have become as a chef!

In addition to the cooking classes, you can also take some exciting yoga lessons at Unawatuna. Experienced and skilled yoga tutors will provide you with the lessons per your requirements.

More Excitement Awaits Beyond Experiences In Unawatuna Beach

When you are done wandering the nearby places of Unawatuna, you can seek some more excitement beyond this place. If you are a nature and wildlife lover, you should not miss out on visiting the turtle hatcheries which will be one of your best experiences in Unawatuna Beach.

These turtle hatcheries will showcase rare turtles, and you also get the chance to release baby elephants into the sea. Apart from the turtle conservation centers, there is one more place where you should visit- which is the Dog Care Clinic.

This is located about 5 minutes from the main beach of Unawatuna. You can spend some quality time with adorable dog friends in this orphanage and make donations for their well-being if you like. 

The Best Places To Stay In Unawatuna Gaining Experiences in Unawatuna Beach

The opulent hotels that surround Unawatuna Beach should not be forgotten to be mentioned in this post. From star-grade luxury hotels to budget hotels and homestays, you will have plenty of places to stay in this area. 

Apart from the comfortable stay, almost all the hotels provide relaxing ayurvedic spas where you can indulge in a soothing medicated spa experience. Here are some of our top picks that will help you plan your next place of accommodation in Unawatuna:

  • Thaproban Pavilion Resort & Spa
  • Araliya Beach Resort & Spa – Unawatuna
  • CocoBay Unawatuna
  • Tri Koggala by Amaya
  • Epic Unawatuna

Soak In The Warm Sun, Get Yourself Salted In The Ocean Water, And Appreciate The Joy And Excitement Of Experiences In Unawatuna Beach!

As one of the most happening beach destinations on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, Unawatuna has plenty of things to offer to its visitors. No matter whether you’re a sun-seeker, a traveler who loves a laid-back vacation, an adrenaline junkie, or a party freak.

This place is the ideal spot to hit to nurture your cravings. Unawatuna is not a destination that can be explored within one day. You have many places to venture and enjoy while you can add so much to your travel journal!

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