Trincomalee, Sri Lanka: Lifetime Experiences In A Remarkable Holiday Destination!

Lying gracefully on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka, Trincomalee is the right place to have a myriad of adventures. Here we unveil the unique experiences you can have in Trincomalee that’ll last a lifetime.

Trincomalee is one of the most favored holiday destinations of travelers, known for its unique features. While there are over three pristine beaches to relax and chill, you can also enjoy many water activities like scuba diving and swimming. Whale watching is another exciting thing to do here. There are many places to explore around Trincomalee, such as museums, forts, etc.

Why is Trincomalee the best place to spend your vacation? Check out the best things to do here and learn why you shouldn’t leave Sri Lanka without visiting this place!

Why Should You Visit Trincomalee, Sri Lanka?

Trincomalee is one of the most iconic places on the island that stands out from most other places in Sri Lanka. There are many reasons for this, while the cultural difference is one of them. This area is populated but less urban and boasts a serene environment with wide roads and a rustic atmosphere.

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The Palmyra-lined routes will transport you to another dimension of the country, where you’ll ultimately find yourself resting in the middle of a sun-kissed town. Trinco is thriving for its ability to attract tourists each year.

Some new guests visit this place every year, along with the people who come here over and over again to spend their precious holidays. Therefore, this area is growing as a successful tourist site where you’ll get many great hotels, resorts, and top-notch dining spots.

Bordered by the sea, it is no short of fresh seafood, and due to the Tamilian-Hindu culture, you’ll also get to savor many types of authentic Sri Lankan Tamil foods. Moreover, many places showcase the cultural, historical, and religious significance of Sri Lanka so that you can collect so much important information about the country.

Get to know more about Trincomalee, learn where it is located, and find places to see around this area–we are ready with a detailed post right here!

The Best Experience You Can Get In Trincomalee

Sway Under The Sun On The Beaches…

Trincomalee is a utopia of several beaches that are considered some of the best shores in the country. The main beaches you will find here are as follows:

  • Uppuveli Beach
  • Nilaveli Beach
  • Marble Beach
  • Dutch Bay Beach
  • Trincomalee Beach
  • Public Beach
  • Arisimale Beach
  • Sandy Cove Beach
  • Coral Cove Beach

All these beaches will offer you an excellent tropical experience under the sun, whether relaxing on the beach or swimming in the ocean. Beaches like Nilaveli, Uppuveli, and Marble Beach are some of the iconic beaches in the area, with pristine surroundings and crystal water to give you an unforgettable beach adventure.

Coral Cove Beach and Sandy Cove Beach are famous as family-friendly beaches in Trincomalee, where you can engage in some exciting water sports, such as snorkeling. However, although Sandy Cove Beach is a hotspot for snorkelers, Coral Cove can be a bit dangerous due to its undertows.

Arisimale Beach is located a few miles away from Trinco, yet it is also one of the most visited beaches known for its beauty and lush greenery. Indulge in the sun and watch the sunset on these beaches as you make a perfect getaway, enjoying the fresh seafood from nearby eateries!

Water Sports For Adrenaline Junkies!

Water sports in Sri Lanka are not confined only to Arugam Bay or Hikkaduwa. The sands and waters of Trinco beaches also give you a great deal of opportunity to enjoy many water activities. Snorkeling in Pigeon Beach is one of the most favored water sports of all adrenaline junkies.

Trincomalee, Sri Lanka - CeylonPulse

The hotels in this area will organize boat trips for you, taking you to the middle of the deep blue sea. You can enjoy all sorts of vibrant aquatic life and colorful coral reefs, making some spellbinding memories during your stay here. In addition to snorkeling, you can also go boat riding, surfing, scuba diving, water skiing, and wakeboarding.

Trincomalee is one of those places in the country where you can learn to dive and get accredited with a PADI certification. Indulge in the excitement and adventure of the sea and waves while admiring the enchantment of marine life!

Take A Trip To Beautiful Ancient Religious Places

Trincomalee is a place that is ample in many Hindu, Buddhist and Catholic monasteries with an amplitude of historical significance. Dive into the recorded religious importance of the country while appreciating the beautiful arts and sculptures in them. Some of the places that you shouldn’t miss during your Trinco trip are as follows:

  • Thirukoneswaram Hindu Temple
  • Badrakali Amman Temple
  • Gokanna Viharaya
  • Seruwawila Mangala Raja Maha Viharaya
  • Velgam Vehera Buddhist Temple
  • Girihandu Seya
  • Lankapatuna Samudragiri Viharaya

Watch The Majestic Whales And Dolphins!

Your trip to Trincomalee is an absolute waste if you don’t invest some time in watching the glorious whales and dolphins. You can head out into the deeper sea to engage in this exhilarating activity and capture some great photos and reels to adorn your social media feeds!

Gaze in the wonder as charming aquatic creatures roam around playfully and show their acrobatic skills. You can spot the blue whales in March across April, while the sperm whales appear from August to September. And if you visit Trinco between May and August, you’ll be able to spot hundreds of dolphins splashing in the waters.

Head Off To Important Places For Sightseeing…

Religious Places

As we mentioned earlier, Trincomalee is one of the most historically significant places in Sri Lanka. Thus, you have some unique places to visit in this area if you need to catch a glimpse of the country’s diverse ethnic background.

Trincomalee, Sri Lanka - CeylonPulse

These temples and monasteries are excellent hotspots for history enthusiasts and are often visited by thousands of locals and tourists each year. You might be able to capture some beautiful clicks in these places.

But you will have to pay attention to their rules since they do not allow photography or videography in most religious places in Sri Lanka. However, you can seek solace and tranquility or relax your mind and go sightseeing in places such as:

  • Thirukoneswaram Hindu Temple
  • Badrakali Amman Temple
  • Gokanna Viharaya
  • Seruwawila Mangala Raja Maha Viharaya
  • Velgam Vehera Buddhist Temple
  • Girihandu Seya
  • Lankapatuna Samudragiri Viharaya

Other Places

In addition to the important religious places, you can also visit other historically noteworthy constructions and landmarks. You shouldn’t miss Fort Frederick to take a peaceful evening walk.

You can also catch a glimpse of freely roaming deer in this place. The sunsets are truly mesmerizing, and the scenic views of Trincomalee Bay and the town will add up something special to your trip. There are small stalls inside this fort where you can shop for little things to your heart’s content.

Another must-visit place is the Maritime and Naval History Museum, located in a charming restored Dutch mansion. You can find much information about the country’s naval history with video presentations and models illustrating the naval scenes.

Walk Around The Trinco Town And Enjoy Food From Little Cafes

Trincomalee town is relatively small and compact, so walking is the best option to check out the area. You don’t need any vehicles to get around this town, and you can hire a tuk-tuk to get to somewhat distant places.

The town area is ample in little cafes and restaurants where you can indulge in authentic Sri Lankan Tamil-style foods. You will also find plenty of seafood restaurants where you’ll get to enjoy fresh seafood prepared in various delicious methods.

If you’re staying in a hotel, walking to the town and trying out different menus from local cafes and restaurants also would be a nice thing to do! 

What Are The Nearby Places That You Should Visit?

If you plan to spend a few days here, add these places to your bucket list to cover your entire trip to Trincomalee.

Kanniya Hot Water Springs

Hot water springs in Kanniya are very popular among the locals as well as foreigners. It is a geothermal site with seven hot water wells, and the locals believe that the water in these wells has healing properties (which still needs to be scientifically proven).

Visitors are not allowed to use soap in the wells, but there is a separate space for washing. It’s advisable to bring your bucket, as only a few ordinary buckets are available. The wells can quickly run out of water, so you will have to move from one well to another as required.

Visiting early in the morning or during weekdays when fewer visitors are recommended to enjoy the best experience at Kanniya Hot Water Springs. Moreover, this site also has several small stalls selling souvenirs and food items.

China Bay Golf Club

Engage in a relaxed sport you love–play golf in the China Bay golf ground that extends over 170 acres of lush greenery. Enjoy the luxury of an International golf course which will give you a different type of adventure in this beautiful sunny city.

Kokkilai Bird Sanctuary

This precious bird sanctuary is located on the Kokkilai Lagoon, which is about 40 miles away from Trincomalee. This is home to many vivid bird species, including the migratory, endemic, and resident.

This is an aquatic habitat where you will also find some rare and endangered bird species making it the best place for all bird watchers. You can spend some quality time and the best time to visit would be in the afternoon hours.

What Are The Best Places To Stay In Trincomalee?

Boutique hotels, cabanas, resorts, and hostels– Trinco will serve you with the right type of accommodation that will suit your budget!

Here, you will find plenty of places to stay to spend your days relaxed and comfortably. So, on that note, here are some of our recommendations to help you to choose a better place to stay in Trincomalee.

  • Trinco Blu by Cinnamon
  • Uga Jungle Beach
  • Amaranthe Bay Resort & Spa
  • Resort Maya Beach
  • Trincomalee Beach Resort & Spa

Trincomalee- The Perfect Holiday Destination You Need To Be!

Blessed with one of Asia’s finest natural harbors, Trincomalee is a location that you MUST hit and not leave Sri Lanka without visiting this place. Trinco is a hidden paradise for whoever visits Sri Lanka, from some of the most beautiful beaches to important historical places and ramparts.

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