Sigiriya: The Must-See Destination of Sri Lanka – Find out Why and How to Experience it Like a Pro!

Sigiriya is one of the few places in Sri Lanka that offers more than just archeological or historical importance as a site. So, here’s why you should really visit Sigiriya and what’s more to enjoy there!

It is not a secret that Sigiriya holds supreme significance owing to its incredible setting, which is why it was declared the eighth wonder of the world. While you can enjoy ancient remains with archeological importance, you could also enjoy an adventurous hike to the Sigiriya rock. Moreover, there are many more things you could do around this site.

We know you are excited to know what Sigiya has to present to you more than the massive rock and royal gardens- that’s why we are here!

Why Should You Visit Sigiriya?

Sigiriya is not merely a site that showcases the historical and archaeological importance of ancient Sri Lanka. In fact, it is one of the few places in the world that mesmerizes us with the incredible setting of a rock fortress. You’ll be able to see enough evidence that proves there had been an ancient kingdom up the rock.

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It still amazes local and foreign visitors to witness how extremely elaborate the city and palace planning is. Sigiriya is also one of the best-preserved locations where the layout of the constructions and gardens is still clearly prominent. You’ll see a complicated rampant design highlighting its thoughtful urban planning.

You’ll catch the sight of expanded royal gardens, water gardens, an intricate network of fortifications, canals, alleys, and elaborate ponds. You can find evidence that shows that there had been water bodies up the rock, which shows the incredible, enigmatic irrigation skills of ancient Sri Lankan builders.

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Some Disguised Places That You Must See Inside The Heritage Site Of Sigiriya

  • The Octagonal Pond
  • Rock inscription (Len Lipi)
  • Deraniyagala Cave
  • Rock Arch
  • Ugul Gala (an ancient trap set up for enemies)
  • The Sigiriya Rock Summit
  • The Royal Hall
  • Gal Pokuna (a pond)
  • Asana Cave
  • Nai Pena Cave

What Kind Of Unique Experience Can You Get In Sigiriya?

Sigiriya is literally one of the best places where you can get unique and mixed experiences. The main and prime experience on this site is climbing the Sigiriya rock. There are about 1200 steps up to the rock, and you might take 2-3 hours to complete your hike while enjoying the surrounding views.

The narrow and twisted staircase will heighten the adventurous spirit while you could stop by the Mirror Wall and enjoy the charming Frescoes painted on the rock walls. Up on the rock will create a utopia, taking you to a completely different world! While enjoying the ruins of an ancient citadel, you can also indulge yourself in the breathtaking surrounding views.

It would be best if you visit Sigiriya on a weekday since it could get really crowded during the weekends and holidays. And the best time to ascend the rock is early in the morning when the weather is temperate, and the sun isn’t too hot. This is also the ideal time to get some great captures. And if you visit there during the evening, chances are high that you could catch the beautiful sunset up from the hill.

Your Experiences Beyond The Main Sigiriya Site…

Sigiriya is actually a travel destination that does not confine your experience to one site. In fact, if you are inquisitive, you’ll find plenty of other things to do around! Thus, it would be best to allocate 2-3 days from your Sri Lankan itinerary solely to Sigiriya and take advantage of the things this place offers.

Climb Pidurangala Rock

The Pidurangala Rock precisely overlooks Sigiriya. You could have a panoramic view if you climb it during sunset or sunrise and the temperature during these hours is also pleasant for a hike.

You’ll find an ancient temple at the base of Pidurangala Rock. Since It is a sacred domain, we suggest you cover your shoulders and knees and take off your shoes during the first part of the trek. If not, you can borrow a sarong for free at the entrance.

Sightseeing Around The Countryside

Most of the time,  this can be arranged from the place of your accommodation. You could get a bike and travel around the countryside to have some of the most breathtaking views of Sri Lanka. If you can get the help of a tourist guide, you might even find some safe water bodies for a quick, refreshing dip!

Hot Air Balloon Rides

You could reserve a hot air balloon ride in Sigiriya with several service providers. This is undoubtedly one of the best activities to do during your stay, as it will take you on a serene float over the heritage site. At the same time, you can enjoy the spectacular views of the monumental Sigiriya rock, paddy fields, thick vegetation, and reservoirs below. Balloon rides are mostly conducted during the month of November.

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Enjoy A Safari Ride At Minneriya and Kaudulla National Parks

Minneriya and Kaudulla National Parks are located towards the north of the main city of Sigiriya. You can go on a 4-hour safari ride and admire the wildlife in both these parks. Your kids will love to see huge elephants, various species of birds, buffaloes, and deer; if you are lucky enough, you might even spot a leopard.

Get Yourself Pampered With A Luxury Ayurvedic Massage

Sigiriya is an area that will offer you plenty of luxury spa experiences. You can book your massage session ahead of time and get yourself well-pampered while relishing the aromas of wholesome herbs and oils.

Night Camping At Sigiriya

Although camping is not a very popular activity that most travelers do around Sigiriya, there are a few camping sites where you can experience the delight of a perfect camping night. So, we recommend you seek help from an experienced tour guide to arrange night camping and find the ideal location.

Enjoy Some Divine Traditional Sri Lankan Food!

Since Sigiriya is beyond the busy and urban city areas, you’ll get to enjoy more rustic, Ceylon-y nature around this portion of the country. Thus, make sure you check out the best Sri Lankan food around Sigiriya that’ll tantalize your taste buds with an exotic spicy kick!

Summing Up

We hope we got you covered as we brought out the facts as to why you should not miss out on visiting Sigiriya! In fact, as we made it clear, Sigiriya is not merely a single site but a world-famous travel destination that has so many things to offer you apart from the great Lion Rock. So, pack your backpack and get ready to add some of the best memories which will last a lifetime in your wander journal!

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