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Random Rapid Antigen Tests to be conducted across Colombo city until further notice

Health officers of the Colombo Municipal Council have begun conducting random Rapid Antigen Tests across Colombo city and this will continue until further notice, Chief Medical Officer of Health of the CMC, Dr. Ruwan Wijemuni has told local media.

Yesterday, tents were set up in several areas in Colombo city and officials were seen flagging down vehicles to conduct Rapid Antigen Tests. Eye witnesses told that the tents were manned by health officers and police and those stopped were requested to conduct antigen tests.

Dr. Wijemuni confirmed that random tests were ongoing in Colombo and this would continue until further notice to detect any possible COVID-19 patients. He stated that if an individual who undergoes the random test, tests positive for the coronavirus, they will be transported to an intermediate center. The individual’s family will then have to undergo PCR tests and remain under quarantine at home till such time their results are received.

The Daily Mirror reported that from these intermediate centers, the patients will then be allocated to hospitals or COVID-19 centers or can also opt to using the paid facility set up to treat COVID-19 patients.

In addition, to the random tests being conducted across Colombo, CMC Medical officers are also continuing to conduct rapid tests in vulnerable areas, congested areas and high rise buildings such as apartment complexes in Colombo.

Colombo continues to be a hot spot for the coronavirus and the public have been urged to strictly adhere to all the health guidelines.

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