Lotus Tower Colombo Sri Lanka- The Sensational Edifice That Transformed The Landscape Of The Capital City!

As the latest addition to the capital city of Colombo in Sri Lanka, the Lotus Tower is gaining popularity as a spectacular tourist site. So, in this episode, we wish to cover everything about this exquisite construction and the experience you can get here.

The Lotus Tower (නෙළුම් කුළුණ) is located in the heart of the Colombo city of Sri Lanka known to be the country’s tallest tower. It transformed the landscape of the city, attracting many local and foreign visitors from the day it opened. You can experience many new things inside the Lotus Tower while it offers a 360-degree view of the entire Colombo city and beyond.

Let us take you along the floors of the Lotus Tower to show the beauty and charm of this wonderful construction!

What Is The Lotus Tower And Where Is It Located?

The Lotus Tower or locally known as “Nelum Kuluna (නෙළුම් කුළුණ)” is the latest construction addition to the landscape of Sri Lanka.

It is located in the capital city of Colombo, standing gracefully at the heart of the city. The construction of this tower started in the year 2012 with the patronage of the Sri Lankan government, financially backed by the EXIM Bank of the People’s Republic of China.

Lotus Tower Colombo Sri Lanka - CeylonPulse

However, it was completed and opened to the public in 2022. The Lotus Tower has been gaining tourist attraction ever since, luring local and foreign visitors almost every day to witness its charm and wonder.

What Is The Significance Of The Lotus Tower?

The magnificent Lotus Tower is the tallest tower in the country and in South Asia. It is also the  11th tallest tower in Asia and marks its place as the 19th tallest tower in the world. It is about 1100 feet tall and is considered one of the most symbolic landmarks in the country.

This was first suggested to be built in the suburb of Peliyagoda, but later the Government of Sri Lanka selected to shift the location.  The layout of this building is encouraged by the Lotus flower. The lotus flower signifies purity within Sri Lankan culture and is also said to represent the country’s thriving development.

The base of this tower is edified by the lotus throne and assembled by two inverted trapezoids. The color structure of the Lotus Tower alternates between light yellow and pink with a downy transition which is accomplished by overlaying the glass.

The main purpose of establishing this tower was to strengthen tourism in the country while it also functions as a radio and television broadcasting support structure for many service providers. Apart from being a communication and transmission tower, it also serves various leisure activities for the visitors such as banquet halls, restaurants, suites, conference halls, and much more!

What Kind Of Experience Can You Get In The Lotus Tower?

If you’re planning a day tour in Colombo, the majestic Lotus Tower is something you shouldn’t miss out on. You have plenty of things to explore inside this wonderful establishment, providing an international experience to whoever enters the tower.

Obtaining the Tickets and Prices

You can find the ticket counter at the entrance to the Lotus Tower premises and you must purchase your tickets before entering the facility. Tickets will be issued on weekdays and weekends at the following times: Weekdays from 9.00 AM to 9.00 PM and Weekends from 9.00 AM to 10.00 PM.

And, the tower operations will be terminated by 10.00 PM on Weekdays and Weekends by 11.00 PM. For all the ticket pricess please Click Here >>

The Experience Starting from the Entrance

You will pass the ticketing counter, then a beautiful water fountain as you reach the entrance of the tower. You will be subjected to a brief security checkpoint at the entrance where they will check your bags and the devices you’ll be taking inside the tower.

Once you enter the ground floor, you can explore the amazing fusion culture of Colombo. This area includes a  souvenir shop, exhibition galleries, and food stalls. If you come here in the evening you can spend some quality time enjoying the delicacies inside the tower and indulge in a memorable evening with your family and friends.

If you need to reach the top to see the view from the deck, you’ll be guided to the elevator area where you’ll be taken to the 7th floor within just 40 seconds! You should experience this as it calls for some adventure since the elevator ascends at speed to skip a heartbeat.

Enjoy the Wonder of Colombo at the Observation Deck!

The elevator will guide you to the observation deck on the 7th floor which is a truly amazing experience that one could have! The large observation deck can hold a lot of visitors so that you can enjoy the moment to the fullest.

This place can be pretty crowded during the weekend and holidays so we suggest you visit here on a weekday. Up at the observation deck, you’ll enjoy a 360-degree view of the surroundings and catch the mesmerizing beauty of Colombo. On one side, you’ll see the harbor and the Indian Ocean that runs to infinity, while on one end,  you’ll see the beautiful Beira Lake.

Lotus Tower Colombo Sri Lanka - CeylonPulse

Far away view is covered with clouds most of the time, but on a very clear day, you’ll even see a faint image of the country’s highest mountain peak, Pidurutalagala mountain. The scenic, unimaginable beauty of the city of Colombo can be captured through your camera lens to create unforgettable memories.

You can spend as much time as you want, indulging in the picturesque views ahead of you. The cool, moist breeze will shower tranquility, escaping you from the interaction of the urban city atmosphere. Do not stick to one place on the deck: you must explore what sceneries you could catch from the top!

The Experience at the Rotating Restaurant

The rotating or revolving restaurant located on the 5th floor of the Lotus Tower is among the top attractions in this construction. Based in the Tower House section of the tower, this specific location is visited by thousands of local and foreign visitors to get an unmissable experience.

This revolving restaurant will take around 90 minutes to complete a total revolution, showing you the scenic beauty of Colombo. You can enjoy some of the best international and traditional Sri Lankan dishes in this restaurant while enjoying the thrill of the vistas you get around.

Enjoy the Comfort of Extravagant Lotus Suites!

Did you know that you can even stay inside this exquisite tower? Yes, if you’re planning on spending a different, luxurious night in Colombo, then the Lotus Suites is where you should be staying!

You can reserve one of the many guesthouses in the Lotus suites and relax, eat, or drink at your own pace while enjoying the breathtaking views of the city of Colombo. They have distinct facilities which could give you a defined experience that stands out from a regular hotel stay in the city. So, why not try it out?

Other Facilities Offered…

The Lotus Tower also provides the facility of conference halls, banquet halls, exhibition galleries, coffee shops, and pubs. The most unique thing about the Lotus Tower is that it caters to anybody with any requirement with the fullest potential.

There are several banquet halls in this tower that can hold up to 650 people. The auditorium has about 400 seats which is the perfect place to have any small to large function in your dreams. The first floor includes a 9D cinema, an ESports Arena, a Digital Art Museum, and a Coffee Lounge so you can sit back and unwind as you sip on your favorite cup of coffee or tea.

You’ll also have several conference halls inside the Lotus Tower designed to upgrade any corporate occasion. From executive board meetings to institutional conferences, these halls will provide the best facilities that will live up to your expectations!

Reservations and Bookings

The Lotus Tower is the ideal place in Colombo to have any occasion in your dreams. You have many halls to choose from to board a large number of people at once. So, if you are ever planning to do reservations at the Lotus Tower and wish to know any other updated information, we will leave the link to their official website along with other contact details:

  • Official Lotus Tower website- https://colombolotustower.lk/
  • Contact numbers: +94112421874/ +94742019743
    No. 320, D.R Wijewardena Mawatha Colombo 10, Sri Lanka.
    Postal Code: 01000
  • Email-[email protected]

How To Get To The Lotus Tower?

Getting to the Lotus Tower is not at all a difficult task if you are already in Colombo. You can use either public or private transport to get to the tower, depending on your current location. However, if you have a rented self-driven vehicle, you will not get the parking facilities at the Lotus Tower premises.

Therefore, you must park your vehicle on the other side of the road at a paid parking facility and then cross the road to get to the tower premises.

However, if you come here by Tuk-tuk, taxi, or bus, you will not have to worry about the parking issue. The Lotus Tower is located about 5 minutes away from Fort and it will take approximately 30-40 minutes to reach the destination from the Bandaranaike International Airport.

Top Nearby Attractions To The Lotus Tower You Shouldn’t Miss

If your prime intention is to visit the Lotus Tower, you should remember that you have plenty of time in the day to visit other nearby attractions within Colombo as well. You can cover these places in one day and have the best experience possible. Here’s a list of places you can visit near the Lotus Tower:

  • The Lotus Pond Theater (Nelum Pokuna)
  • The Floating Market
  • Pettah
  • Galle Face Green
  • The Red Mosque
  • Gangaramaya Temple
  • Independence Square
  • Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct

You literally have endless things to do and see in Colombo while the nightlife is extraordinarily wonderful. Click here and refer to our comprehensive article on Colombo for more information!

Safety and Security Information You Should Know Before Visiting The Lotus Tower

The Lotus Tower is undoubtedly one of the most security-assured places in Colombo since it is a highly touristy location in the city. Therefore, you should not worry about your safety and it is also favorable to be visited with your whole family.

The management of the Lotus Tower is willing to help out the visitors with the relevant information and guide them in exploring the construction. However, we thought of sharing some important information that might be helpful to you before visiting this place.

  • You should obey the rules and regulations imposed by the management when visiting the Lotus Tower.
  • You don’t need to pack food when visiting the tower and you are not allowed to take food to the observation deck.
  • It is important to be careful when you handle your phones and cameras at the observation deck. Do not put your devices out of the safety railings because you’ll never be able to use them again if they topple down the building.
  • You cannot host any sudden events at the Lotus Tower- you should take permission and do your reservations ahead of time.
  • Liquor and drugs are not allowed inside. Sri Lanka is highly concerned about behavior and culture so be prepared to obey them.

Visit and Explore Sri Lanka’s Wonder As You Indulge In The Unattended Beauty Of Colombo!

The Lotus Tower of Colombo, Sri Lanka is one of the most wonderful constructions done in the proud history of the country. While it is marked as an unparalleled landmark on this beautiful island, it also marks a significant place in the entire South Asia. This is one of the main reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on visiting this place during your trip to Sri Lanka!

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