Katusu Konda Peak- The Breathtaking Hiking Destination For Extreme Hike Lovers!

Out of the many places to explore and wonderful things to do in Sri Lanka, some places on this little island are known for adventure and excitement. So, let’s share some interesting facts about Katusu Konda Peak- a paradise for hike lovers.

Katusu Konda Peak (කටුසු කොන්ද), known as the Knife-edge Peak, is a popular hiking destination among extreme hikers. It is one of the peaks located on the main Hanthana Mountain Range in Kandy, Sri Lanka. The path leading up to this peak is a real challenge and pretty adventurous for anyone. You can catch breathtaking views up the hill and enjoy an exquisite ecosystem with stunning flora and fauna.

Read till the end to be enlightened with the hike to Katusu Konda and to know the things before you head up to the mountain.

What is Katusu Konda and Where is it Located?

Katusu Konda is one of the most-visited mountain peaks located in the famous Hanthana Mountain Range in Kandy, Sri Lanka. It is about 74 miles from the East of Colombo and approximately 9 miles away from the main city of Kandy. 

Katusu Konda Peak, Sri Lanka - CeylonPulse

Katusu Konda is also known as Knife-edge peak and the Sinhala term “Katusu Konda” literally translates to “Lizard backbone” since the surface of the peak resembles a backbone of a lizard. This lofty peak is becoming one of the most favored places by hike lovers as it calls for a lot of adventure and excitement.

Click on this link and follow up on this article if you’re interested in learning more about the beautiful Hanthana Mountain Range and why you should visit it.

How Can You Get To Katusu Konda Peak?

Getting to Katusu Konda Peak is easy if you’re already in Kandy. However, we will bring you a complete guide on getting to this peak when you come all the way from Colombo and if you are already in Kandy.

Getting to Katusu Konda from Colombo

Aligning with the standard transportation modes in Sri Lanka, you can use both public and private transportation to get to Katusu Konda.

You can either take the bus to Kandy from the Fort bus station or book the train to Kandy from the Fort railway station. However, if you take the bus, you can get down from Peradeniya and then take a Tuk-tuk to reach your destination (we will explain the directions to the base of the peak from Peradeniya down below).

And, if you use the train, you can get down from the Sarasavi Uyana station and then take private transport to the destination. If not, you can arrange an off-road vehicle to get direct access to the destination. Choosing the mode of transportation depends on your needs and budget.

Getting to Katusu Konda from Kandy

As mentioned earlier, getting to Katusu Konda is easy when you are already in Kandy. It will take only about 45 minutes from Kandy to get to the mountain. You can take the bus from Kandy to Peradeniya and get to the base using a tuk-tuk or a taxi.

However, if you contact a guide, you can also arrange an off-road vehicle to reach directly to the bottom of the peak from anywhere in Kandy. This will save you time and therefore you will have enough time of the day to engage in your hike and explore around.

Accessing the Peak from Peradeniya

Once you get to Peradeniya, you will have to come to Galaha Road, get to Maha Kanda, reach the small village of Sarasawigama, and then get to the Uplands Estate.

The most popular trail up to the peak starts from this village. You will have to end your ride on the vehicle from Sarasawigama and then start the journey by foot from Upland Estate.

You can park your vehicle near the small Hindu Kovil in Upland Estate and reach up on the path that falls through the line of little houses. There’s a shop in Sarasawigama village where you can buy the food essentials you want, which is the last shop you’ll encounter until you finish the hike.

What Kind of Experience Can You Get In Katusu Konda Peak? 

Your hike to Katusu Konda is nothing short of a thrill, adventure, and a pure adrenaline rush starting from beginning to end. There’s no designated path to reach the top but you will find a narrow footpath created by the hikers who had visited here before.

The Hike Begins…

The hike begins from the place you enter the Hanthana Mountain Range from the Upland Estate. There are no fixed paths but you will be able to find a fairly visible path through the thick bushes. The only things you’ll see around are tall trees, hills, rocks, and greenery.

The beginning itself is less challenging but the trail gets steeper and steeper as you reach up. With breathtaking views, your eyes will get feasted with stunning hillside flowers and exotic trees, vines, plants, bushes, etc. The natural formation of big and small rocks will make your hike more adventurous. You can stop by, gaze at the scenic views around, click photos, and resume your journey at your own pace.

Katusu Konda Peak, Sri Lanka - CeylonPulse

If you observe closely, you’ll find small arrows painted on the rocks by the hikers who visited Katusu Konda earlier. These signs are very helpful for you to find the way, especially if you’re climbing this mountain for the first time. As you go up, you’ll find animals like buffaloes, rabbits, and deer so you will have to climb in silence without disturbing them to ensure a more secure hike.

Be Ready To Be Surprised On Top!

The tiresome trek you took throughout this whole time simply vanishes once you reach the destination. The 360-degree view of the surrounding is awe-inspiring and it is undoubtedly a once-in-a-lifetime experience that one could have. 

Early in the morning, the surrounding area is usually covered with thick layers of mist. But as the sun shines brighter, the surroundings get clear, showcasing the rare beauty of nature. It is very windy on top and the narrow cliff top tends to beat your heart faster as you gaze down you’ll see how dangerous the slope is! From the top of this mountain, you will catch a glimpse of other beautiful landmarks in Kandy and beyond. 

You’ll see the Pidurutalagala Mountain, Ambuluwawa Tower, Peacock Hills, Knuckles Mountain Range, Alagalla Mountain, etc., along with the towns like Gampola, Gelioya, Sarasawigama, University premises of Peradeniya, and Mahaweli River. Head off to Uragala, the highest peak of the Hanthana Mountain Range to catch more scenic views and more adventure.

Enjoy The Serenity…

Up here you’ll find yourself lost in a world full of peace out of the hustle and buzz of your ordinary life. You can sit on a large rock and enjoy your snacks and refresh before you make it down the hill. Most of the time, you will also meet other hikers who are mostly young students from the University of Peradeniya or traveler YouTubers.
Make friendly associations with them so that you can follow them down. Wait till the surrounding gets clear to click some beautiful shots to add to your travel gallery. Explore the hill and observe the plants and flowers: you’ll surely find gorgeous, endemic plants!

Nearby Experiences In Katusu Konda

You will not take an entire day to hike Katusu Konda so you can save the day to visit other nearby attractions as well. If you’re planning on staying in the hill country for several days, you can plan your days ahead to visit these places as well:

  • Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic
  • Royal Botanical Gardens of Peradeniya
  • Ambuluwawa Tower 
  • Kandy lake round
  • Udawatta Kele Sanctuary
  • Kandy View Point
  • Ceylon Tea Museum
  • Embekke Devalaya and Lankathilaka Viharaya
  • Bahirawakanda buddha statue

For more information about these places and to know more things to do in Kandy, click here and refer to the detailed article we have shared for you!

After exploring Kandy, you can also take a magical train ride to Ella from Kandy as one of the best things to do in Sri Lanka. Head off to Nuwara Eliya and enjoy the charm of the central hillside to make more memories of your Ceylon trip!

Things To Remember When Planning Your Hike to Katusu Konda

Katusu Konda is a reserved part of the Hanthana Mountain Range which is also a very adventurous hike when compared with regular mountains you can climb in Sri Lanka. Therefore, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when planning your hike.

  • Hike with a guide- Taking a tour guide’s help is important as you will be hiking to a tall mountain where you have a higher possibility of getting lost. This area is also plentiful with animals and dangerous spots so traveling with a guide will help you to have a more pleasant adventure. To get the help of a more experienced tour guide, you can contact the Explorers’ Club of the University of Peradeniya. We will leave the link below so you can get their help to arrange a guide for your next hike.
  • Pack your backpack with the essentials- Do not overload your backpack since you have a very challenging hike to do. Pack your bag accordingly with insect repellent, snacks, enough water, a raincoat, anti-leech spray, pain relief balm/spray, etc.
  • Wear a pair of tight-gripping, good-quality walking shoes or boots, high socks, long, comfortable clothes, and sunscreen.
  • It is important to keep in mind that this hike is for extreme hike lovers. Thus, we do not encourage you to climb this peak if you’re healthwise unstable or under medication for a certain chronic illness.
  • Kids under 12 years of age, older people, and pregnant women are also not encouraged to go on this hike. This is an activity that checks your physical fitness!
  • Stay calm and remain silent throughout your hike as you should not provoke or disturb the fauna on this peak.
  • Remember to bring back the things you take with you. It is your responsibility to protect this natural resource so that you can come again to enjoy its beauty. If possible, do not take polythene or plastic with you.
  • Look out for the cliffs, slopes, and edges as you reach the top and especially when you take your recording devices with you. Once they topple down, you’ll never be able to see them back!
  • It is always best to start your journey before the sun shines at its peak and get down before the sun sets.

What Is The Best Time to Hike Katusu Konda?

Dodging the rainy season and hitting the peak during the drier months of the year is the best way to enjoy your hike to Katusu Konda. Rain in Sri Lanka within the past few years has been really unpredictable so we can’t specify an exact time of the year to you.

But generally, the rainfall is high in Kandy during the months from May to August. So you can pick anytime between January, February, and March or September to December to have a more favorable experience. As mentioned earlier, it is better to start the hike around 8.00 AM and get down ideally before 5 PM or the sun sets.

Concluding Thoughts About Hiking Katusu Konda

With a pure shot of adrenaline rush, fun, and excitement, hiking to Katusu Konda is one of the best things to do in Sri Lanka. Located in the Hanthana Mountain Range, climbing to this peak is an absolute adventure starting from the beginning to the end. On top of the mountain, you will find more adventurous places to explore and you will be rewarded with mesmerizing views around you.

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