Kalpitiya Sri Lanka- The Elegance Of An Attractive Destination!

Many well-known beach destinations are headed toward the southern part of this paradise island. But, did you know that you can find some pretty amazing beaches on the other side too? On that note, here we bring you a complete guide to Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka- a place you must visit as a beach lover.

Kalpitiya is not one of the most visited beach destinations in the North Western province of Sri lanka. But still, the scenic beauty of this place unpretentiously attracts visitors each year. Kalpitiya is world-renowned as the best location for kitesurfing in Southeast Asia. Apart from appreciating the pearl sands and fresh seawater there are tons of things to enjoy here.

Come with us to enjoy the bliss of this beautiful beach destination. We hope to share everything you can explore at Kalpitiya!

Where is Kalpitiya Located?

Located approximately 86 miles away from the capital city of Colombo, Kaltpitiya is a coastal town belonging to the Puttalam district of the North Western province of Sri lanka. It will take about one hour to reach Kalpitiya from the main city of Puttalam.

Is Kalpitiya Really Worth Traveling?

Kept much raw and untouched for so many years, Kalpitiya was merely a coastal town with an ordinary sea and sand. However, this place grew in popularity over the years, making it one of the best destinations located in the North Western province of Sri Lanka.

Kalpitiya peninsula consists of fourteen little islands, making it extra special. This beachside hamlet is gifted with startling natural beauty. The wide sandy beaches of Kalpitiya extend beyond where the eyes can see. 

Renowned for its oceanic attractiveness, the majority of locals residing here make a living through fishing. It’s the day-to-day prosaic of Kalpitiya that makes the village more unique. You can witness the fishermen lining the beaches for the daily catch, the villagers running their daily chores, and the kids running barefoot on the beach are the simple joys of this beautiful spot. 

The Significance…

Kalpitiya is located bordering the Dutch Bay and the Puttalam lagoon, which makes the village ideal for those pursuing a beach holiday with watersports. Kite surfing is the number one activity you can engage in here while kayaking, scuba diving, windsurfing, and jet skiing follow.  

Kalpitiya is the ideal spot to hit if you are in Sri Lanka for a long stay or if you are particularly interested in watersports. But, if you are seeking an epicenter of activity, happening nightlife, and active markets then Kalpitiya may not be the right place for you. However, this place will reward you with spectacular isolated beaches away from tourist hubs and communing with locals.

A Drop From The Rich History of Kalpitiya

The history of Kalpitiya goes above the period of the Portuguese, Dutch, and Arabs’ arrival to Sri Lanka. When the Arabs employed themselves in business on the sea routes, they found the natural port known as ‘Kudirai Malai’ as a secure landing area. 

While these Arabs received their requirements and water for their long journey, they also supplied medical items and certain other items of trading on a barter procedure. From the beginning of the 16th century, the Portuguese took over the coastal areas of Sri Lanka and built a fort at Kalpitiya. 

Kalpitiya got its name from the Dutch fort, as the theory goes. ‘Kal’ denotes stone in Tamil, and ‘petti’ means box. During the Dutch period, the only permanent edifice was a large fort in the shape of a rock box. It is believed that the village got its name from it. 

With the fishing community living in Talawila in the Kalpitiya Peninsula, a popular Roman Catholic Church was built in the 17th century by the Portuguese. This church is the focal point of a pilgrimage for the feast of St. Anne, which is committed to the mother of the Virgin Mary and is held in March and July every year.

The Unmissable Experiences You Can Have At Kalpitiya

As mentioned earlier, Kalpitiya is where you should spend a few days. Since this place is renowned as one of the best kitesurfing spots in the world, it is also the ideal place for you to start with it. This adventurous activity is nothing short of exciting.

Therefore, you must precisely spend a few days learning it. In addition to kitesurfing, you can also take a boat ride to all the fourteen little islands. The islands are namely:

  • Baththalangunduwa
  • Palliyawatta
  • Vellai I
  • Vellai III
  • Uchchamunai
  • Vellai II
  • Ippantivu
  • Periya Arichchalai
  • Sinna Arichchalai
  • Eramutivu
  • Sinna Eramutivu
  • Eramutivu West
  • Kakativu
  • Mutwal (Dutch Bay)

Several operators will arrange these oat rides for you with full packages. Kalpitiya will have something to offer for anyone whether you travel alone, with a group, seeking a romantic getaway, or a vacation with your family. 

Dolphin and whale watching is another exciting and popular activity to engage in here. Kayaking, jet skiing, and scuba diving are other water sports you can enjoy at this place. If you need to have a laid-back day out, soaking in the sun, then Kalpitiya Main Beach, Uchchumuni, Bathalagunduwa, Thalawila, or Kudawa Beaches are the perfect places.

Long stretches of beaches are not usually packed with visitors, making it the ideal spot for you to relax. You have several places in the Kalpitiya vicinity for sightseeing. The historical sites are worth visiting, including the iconic St. Anne’s Church, which is one of the oldest churches in Sri Lanka.

How To Get To Kalpitiya?

The easiest way to get to Kalpitiya is by reaching Puttalam. Assuming that you’re traveling to Puttalam from the capital city of Colombo, there are multiple modes of transportation you can count on. Frequent buses are running to Puttalam from Fort Bus stand. 

After reaching Puttalam by bus, you will have to take about another one-hour ride to reach Kalpitiya. If you plan to take the train, it is important to note that you will not get direct trains to Puttalam from the Fort railway station. Thus, you can board the Puttalam train from Fort railway station and then take a ride from the Puttalam station to Kalpitiya.

While these modes of public transportation are the cheapest, you can go for private transportation if you can afford it. It will make a lovely road trip to Kalpitiya by private vehicle since there are so many things to enjoy on your way. 

However, it is also essential to remember that taking a private vehicle to Puttalam or Kalpitiya would be costly as the distance is pretty huge. If you’re planning on using private transportation, the best way is to rent a cab from a rent-a-car service rather than using local taxi services such as Uber or PickMe.

Roaming Around Kalpitiya…

As mentioned before, roaming around Kalpitiya will add so many things to your itinerary. You can get the assistance of the many tuk-tuks operating around the area. 

Or else, you may also take a bicycle tour around the area to learn and explore the site more closely. While some places of accommodation can arrange your bicycles, some special operators in the areas also rent push bikes and motorbikes for your convenience.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Kalpitiya?

The humidity encircling the Kalpitiya town is constant. However, the wind is typically good throughout the seasons, providing the right spot near the Kalpitiya lagoon for wind and kite surfing. 

The beach town is best accessible from April to October as the winds are steady and allow you to enjoy the beaches and the surfing as there is almost a low likelihood of rainfall. 

The annual temperature during this season varies from around 33.4 degrees Celsius to around 27.3 degrees Celsius. Generally, the wind is calm, with moderate-speed wind in June and July at around 7 knots, which is essentially a gentle gust.

Places To Dine and Stay Around Kalpitiya

Years ago you might have found trouble in finding the perfect place to stay or dine around Kalpitiya. But now, with the thriving tourism, it seems that investors are more eager to fund more hotels, resorts, cafes, and restaurants around his area. 

If you hit Kalpitiya Beach, you may find some elegant beachfront resorts and restaurants that provide delicious seafood and accommodation. So, if you are planning your next trip to this area and looking for a place to stay and dine, here are some of our top recommendations that you can try on:

  • The Blue Lagoon Resort Kalpitiya
  • Kodev
  • Kitelantis Hotel and Resort
  • Kalpitiya Chalets by Thilanka
  • Blue Whale Resort & Kite Surfing
  • Atara Lagoon Kalpitiya
  • Hotel Club Mango, Kalpitiya

General Tips and Things To Remember When You Visit Kalpitiya

  • If you plan on learning kitesurfing, Kalpitiya is the right spot. But remember, you cannot learn this vigorous activity in just one day. You will have to take lessons at least for 4-5 days to be competent in the sport.
  • Carrying your sun protection and gear is very important. The northwestern side of the country is very sunny. Therefore wearing sunscreen and protective gear is crucial to keep yourself out from harmful sun rays.
  • The beach side and lagoon are pretty clean so please take the trash with you.
  • There are sharp shells in the lagoon. Thus, make sure you wear booties to help alleviate cuts.
  • Please respect the local fishermen and navigate clear of them while on the water.
  • There are a set of rules and conditions before you step into the boat for whale watching. talk with the operators to learn them and respect them accordingly.
  • There is no age limit to engage in kitesurfing. But still, it is better to keep your children out of this sport as it can be dangerous.

Indulge In The Scenic Beauty At Kalpitiya and Gather Fresh Experiences For Your Travel Itinerary!

Kalpitiya proves to be a fantastic complement to the already incredible Sri Lanka, adding a kick of adventures and newfound experiences. Kalpitiya has it all whether you’re a solo traveler or coming down here with your family.

From learning and enjoying kitesurfing to spending a laid-back evening on the beach watching the sunset, you have plenty of other things to admire at Kalpitiya. So, leave us a comment below, letting us know when you hope to pack your backpack to visit this incredibly beautiful place!

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