Why Should You Visit Jaffna, Sri Lanka- Spectacular Experiences In The Northern Tip Of Sri Lanka

Being one of the most iconic places in Sri Lanka that stands out from the rest of the regions, you can get an array of experiences in Jaffna Sri Lanka for a memorable trip. Here we hope to cover everything you can do in this place!

The route will be an excellent experience for you whether you travel by road or rail. The historically significant Jaffna town has so many places for sightseeing while you can enjoy a fantastic beach time on neighboring coasts. Visit the country’s second-largest public library and some beautiful religious sites as you indulge in delicious Indian-inspired food from the cafes and restaurants.

As we now know, you’re excited to know what Jaffna has to offer; let’s move on to the rest of the article that we have lined up for you!

Is It Worth Traveling To Jaffna?

Going to Jaffna might take much time from your day, mainly if your current location in the country is Colombo or Kandy. Thus many of you wonder if that worth is spending to reach this destination and if there are things you can see and enjoy here.

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Jaffna in Sri Lanka is a very different part of the country where there are apparent differences compared to the country’s western, central, and southern regions.  It boasts a rich historical significance where you can still see the colonial remains.

As a region once lost to terrorism and untouched for several years, Jaffna has been a hidden gem in the country with rich natural agricultural resources. The city itself is enthralling and enigmatic and has a strikingly different culture, highly influenced by South Indian traditions, giving you enough reasons to explore it.

Unique Experiences In Jaffna

The rustic beauty of the colonial town area and rural villages will keep you occupied throughout your stay here. You can go beyond the city and visit some of the most beautiful beaches on the northern coast while also taking a boat ride to nearby islands. Visit authentic marketplaces where you will meet friendly locals who will always treat you with a beautiful smile.

Start From The Dutch Fort

Famed as one of Sri Lanka’s best-preserved colonial ramparts, the star-shaped Dutch Fort in Jaffna brings so much value to the region. This ancient establishment was done by the Portuguese in the seventeenth century and then was expanded by the Dutch.

This place offers the perfect backdrop for photography enthusiasts while you can stroll around the gateways and moat. Visit the open grounds and climb the ancient walls to glimpse the scenic views of the city and the lagoon. Do not forget to visit the fort in the evening to witness the glorious sunset!

Go Sightseeing

There are a few places in Jaffna town that you shouldn’t miss out on. While wandering the city, do not forget to check out these places. White-washed colonial Jaffna public library is one of the top tourist attractions in this area.

This is a grand building and is the second-largest library in the country. Along with this library, you can also visit the old clock tower that stands tall in Jaffna city as an epitome of the region’s heritage. You can also see the beautiful Nallur Kovil, a significant religious site of the locals.

Built around 940 AD, this ancient Hindu Temple is a magnificent piece of art with elegant architecture. You can click some great photos from outside the temple but clicking pictures inside the premises is restricted. If you visit this Kovil in August, you will even get to witness its annual vibrant Nallur festival. All these will give you the feeling you’re visiting a part of South India!

Eat Out At An Indian-inspired Restaurant

As mentioned earlier, Jaffna is a blissful place that is very distinctive in culture. Since their culture goes with their food, you should not miss out on the unique dishes they offer.

You will find a few places in Jaffna town where you can eat delicious South Indian-inspired foods like Dosa, Thali, Sambar, Idli, etc. Their seafood dishes such as Jaffna crab curry, prawn curry, and fish curry stand out from a typical Sri Lankan curry with more spiciness and flavor.

You can also check out their latest addition to the city, the Rio Ice Cream Parlor which sells a variety of locally-made ice creams, milkshakes, juices, and other desserts. Even if you stay at a hotel, you can come to the town and try out these small eateries to get the best food experience while you stay in Jaffna.

Visit The Local Markets

While you wander around Jaffna town, do not forget to hit the local market and the fresh fish market. Jaffna local market is a vibrant place with small stalls that sell all sorts of local products, fresh vegetables, and fruits.

You must also try out the flavorful and world-famous Jaffna mangoes which you will find in many places in the Jaffna market. In addition, you can also visit the fresh fish market where you can buy many kinds of seafood and fish inherent to the Indian Ocean. 

Rent Out A Two-wheeler And Roam Around Spectacular Jaffna!

A destination is not only confined to sightseeing, eating out, or visiting religious sites. A special place like Jaffna is worth exploring to witness its rustic beauty. Long wasted for war and terrorism, people in Jaffna didn’t have any chance to make the best out of their rich soil.

But once you dig deeper into the villages, you’ll see how fascinating their fields look! You can inquire from your place of accommodation or get the help of your tour guide to rent out a motorcycle, scooter, or push bike to explore and observe the rural charm of this region.

Palmyrah fields, vegetables, grapes, and apples grown-field with actively working locals in rich red soil make real eye candy to anyone who rides along the paths of Jaffna. At the end of some fields, you’ll find traditional wells, known as “Andiya Wells,” filled with clean spring water, showcasing the authenticity of the northern part of Sri Lanka.

Stop at your own pace, meet the locals, and click some beautiful photos as you enjoy the scenic beauty of the surrounding views.

Did you know that Jaffna is closer to South India than the southern western or central parts of Sri Lanka? Click here and follow up on this link to learn more about this unique region in the country.

Nearby Attractions That You Must Not Miss Out On!

Jaffna is not a place that you can finish exploring within a day or two. Thus, allocating at least three to four days in your Sri Lankan itinerary would be best. Once visiting and roaming around Jaffna and nearby villages, there are plenty of other things which will keep you entertained throughout your stay here.

Spend Some Quality Time Under The Sun On The Beaches…

Kankesanthurai Beach

Popularly known as KKS, this beautiful beach is located a few miles away from Jaffna town. Unpolluted, pristine golden sand makes this beach an exceptional place and you will find very few visitors here.

You can have a relaxed, unforgettable time here playing water sports in the blue waters or sunbathing on the beach. You should also not miss out on taking a dip at the Keerimalai freshwater natural pond. This place makes a heavenly sight in the evening and locals believe that bathing in this fresh spring water helps to cure various skin infections.

Charty Beach

Picturesque Charty Beach is located about 89 miles away from the central city of Jaffna and is known to be one of the best-visited beaches in the area. This family-friendly beach is a great place to relax in the middle of coconut and palmyra trees.

Casuarina Beach

Casuarina is one of the best beaches in Jaffna, located about 12 miles away from Jaffna town. Nestled among beautiful casuarina trees, this pristine beach is a great place to chill and enjoy under the warm sun. The shallow waters make it an ideal place for your kids with rich marine biodiversity to explore.

Karainagar Beach

Karainagar Beach is a famous spot for birdwatchers. It is also a perfect place to get away from the hustle of the city and spend some quality time in peace. You might have to spend about 40 minutes from Jaffna town to reach this place. But once you’re there, it will absolutely pay off the time you spend traveling!

Akkarai Beach

Located about 12 miles away from the main city of Jaffna, Akkarai Beach is the perfect spot to spend a day out with your family. Like most other beaches in the region, Akkarai Beach is also an undisturbed, tranquil place. You can also visit the famous Lord Murugan Hindu Temple near the beach and get onto the bridge to catch some panoramic views of the surrounding area.

Take A Safe Boat Ride To Nearby Islands

The Navy of Sri Lankan forces is obliged to take you on a safe boat ride to the nearby islands of Jaffna. These small islands in the Indian Ocean are historically important places that were once held captivated by terrorists.

There are two main islands where you can visit- Nainativu and Delft. You will find the famous Nagadeepa Buddhist Temple on Nainativu Island while there are also other Hindu and Muslim shrines, showcasing the richness of the culture of Jaffna. Delft Island, on the other hand, is another beautiful place to explore. Scarcely populated Delft Island is rich in wildlife.

You’ll see the rare species of Arabian stallions here along with a few other animals. Make your trip to these places memorable by exploring these little islands and digging deeper into the enigmatic culture of Jaffna.   

Explore Jaffna and Unveil the True Beauty That the Northern part of the Country Has to Offer!

Apart from the major cultural differences in Jaffna, this part of the country is a must-visit place for many reasons. As shared with you throughout this CeylonPulse episode, Jaffna is a hidden gem in Sri Lanka with a rich heritage and experiences that you’ll not usually get to taste in any other place in the country. The beautiful Palmyra-bordered roads, natural water ponds, pristine and uncrowded beaches, colonial buildings, and distinctive foods make Jaffna so special that you literally need to keep coming back!

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