Hiriketiya Beach, Sri Lanka-Wonderful Time Soaking The Sun On The Shore!

Sun, sea, and golden sandy beaches are nothing new to the paradise island of Sri Lanka. If you plan to visit down south during your Sri Lankan itinerary, Hiriketiya Beach is one of the lesser-known places, yet somewhere you should hit as enthusiastic beachgoers.

Located on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, Hiriketiya Beach, also known as the Hiriketiya Bay is a hidden gem of the country. It is popular where the jungle meets the sea since the beach is nestled among thick vegetation. Known as a famous surf spot, this beach is visited by many tourists all year round. Except for the sand and sea, there are many things you can enjoy around this area.

So, let’s go deeper into this wonderful tourist destination and see what Hiriketiya offers you!

Where is Hiriketiya Beach Located?

Hiriketiya Beach rests on the southern coast of Dickwella, It belongs to the Matara District of the Southern province of Sri Lanka. It is located about 56 miles south of the capital city Colombo. At the same time, it is only about 14 miles from the main town of Matara to Hiriketiya.

Is This Beach Worth Visiting?

If there’s one place you shouldn’t miss during your trip down south, Hiriketiya Beach or Hiriketiya Bay is the spot! This is a little piece of heaven that beach lovers will visit repeatedly. Hiriketiya was lesser known and nothing special a few years back.

It was just the sand and sea when enthusiastic beachgoers found the magic and beauty of this place. But still, it maintains its unique, untouched, and natural sentiment. Even though it is not as large or popular as other beach destinations in Sri Lanka such as Unawatuna or Hikkaduwa, Hiriketiya still exhibits so much elegance that can lure tourists.

The favorable waves for amateur and pro surfers make this beach so special. Palm-tree-lined beaches, golden sands, azure water, and bright sun are the main things anyone can enjoy here.

Unlike the days back, currently, Hiriketiya is much more socialized with beachfront restaurants where you can relish all sorts of delicious food and beverages. Monkeys hanging around the trees on the beach is not something common that you get to see on most southern beaches. But this sight is nothing exotic here and brings you closer to nature.

The Significance Of This Location…

Hiriketiya Beach is well-known for its distinguishing horseshoe shape, a natural build that adds an essence of seclusion to your beach experience. The inward curve of the coastline forms a more secluded and private atmosphere.

This distinctive shape also protects from strong currents and winds, making the waters more placid and appropriate for swimming and water sports. As a result, the beach has become a favored spot for both newbie and experienced surfers.

Hiriketiya Beach, Sri Lanka - CeylonPulse

The beach also features rocky surfaces, adding quality and appeal to the landscape. These areas also serve as viewpoints for those interested in capturing photographs of the exquisite setting. The clear, turquoise waters of Hiriketiya Beach are often clear enough. This makes it favorable for snorkeling and other underwater activities.

The water quality is generally pleasing, drawing colorful marine life that can be seen without reaching too far from the shore. The color of the water deviates beautifully from the sand, offering an almost tropical paradise-like feeling.

Exciting Things To Do At Hiriketiya Beach and Its Vicinity

  1. The Premium Excitement- Surfing!

Surfing is probably one of the major draws that attract people to Hiriketiya Beach. As mentioned earlier, this beach offers a range of waves fitting for both novices and more skilled surfers. The wave heights typically range from 1 to 3 meters. 

The depth of water also differs, delivering different surfing conditions for all levels. If you’re fresh to the sport or looking for enhancements, you can find several experienced instructors offering lessons here. Surfboards are readily available for rent, so you can easily find one that suits your level of expertise. 

The best time for surfing at Hiriketiya is from November to April when the sea conditions are steady and facilitative for the sport. However, you must always prioritize safety. Thus, before beating the waves, check the current sea conditions and consult with instructors and local surfers if you’re foreign to the area.

  1. Other Water Sports and Other Fun Activities


Snorkeling is another popular water activity you can engage in at Hiriketiya Beach. You can get the best experience, especially during the months when the water is at its clearest. 

The beach has sacks where abundant marine life provides a chance to see a variety of fish and sometimes even sea turtles. You can rent the snorkeling gear from shops near the beach.

Guided tours are available for those fresh to snorkeling, giving a safer and more instructive adventure. While Hiriketiya may not have ample coral reefs, the clear waters and underwater life still make it a fruitful site for snorkeling!

Paddle boarding

Paddleboarding at Hiriketiya Beach is an amazing sport for those looking to enjoy the ocean more simply. This water activity is interesting because it needs fairly calm waters, making Hiriketiya the perfect location.

 It’s also a tranquil way to explore the beach and its nearest surroundings. Paddleboard rentals are available at several spots along the beach. And you can often choose between daily or hourly rates. For amateurs, some instructors offer short preliminary lessons to get you more comfortable on the board.

Boat Tours

Boat tours at Hiriketiya are commonly offered during the peak season. These tours will take you along the Hiriketiya coastline and usually embark out to neighboring areas. It’s an awesome way to admire the standouts of the coast from a different dimension. 

Clear waters also provide a great opportunity for witnessing marine life, adding a facet of adventure to your tour. Most boat tours are very educational, providing savvy information about the ecology and history of the area.

  1. Yoga, Cooking, and Wellness Around Hiriketiya

You are one of the most popular activities around Hiriketiya. This famous Yoga retreat offers many yoga classes conducted by professionals nearby. Engaging in a Yoga session could be very effective on your vacation as it is the perfect way to relax your mind and body.

Another interesting thing to try out is the cooking lessons offered by local operators around this area. It is very exciting and fun to learn how to cook a variety of traditional Sri Lankan dishes and taste the food cooked by your own hands.

You can attend these workshops alone or with others as desired. Moreover, several places around Hiriketiya allow getting the comfort of ayurvedic spas and body massages. Most hotels offer luxury spa experiences using high-quality aromatherapy. This is a perfect way to unwind after an adventurous beach visit.

  1. Hiriketiya Is The Ideal Place For Photographers, Videographers, and Travel Content Creators

The backdrop of this hidden gem is simply unparalleled! The entire natural setting of Hiriketiya Bay is unmissable by any photographer or travel blog creator.

With clear waters and panoramic surroundings, the beach is an excellent setting for anyone who is looking for creativity. From clicking the first rays of sunrise to sunsets, surfing, and other activities, there are a bunch of possibilities for breathtaking photos and videos.

If you’re interested in knowing more about Weligama Beach and things to do there, click on this link and follow up on our comprehensive article.

  1. The Immaculate Dining Experience

Years back Hiriketiya Beach had only one or two restaurants. But now, the situation has completely changed due to its thriving tourism. It offers a subtle but delightful range of dining options. From formal restaurants to interesting seafood shacks, there’s something to suit anyone’s palate.

The best thing for most diners is that fresh seafood is often a specialty, featuring seafood that is caught locally, and prepared in both authentic Sri Lankan and international techniques. Also, you’ll find eateries serving popular Sri Lankan dishes like rice and curry, along with international options like burgers, pizza, and pasta.

Brunches and breakfast options are incredible at these restaurants and cafes. From Ceylon tea to coffee, fruit juices, mocktails, and cocktails, they also offer a range of delicious beverages to refresh throughout your stay here.

  1. Not To Underestimate- Enjoying A Beach Walk and Swimming In The Ocean

If you’re not into any adventurous activities, you can simply enjoy a peaceful beach walk or dip in the azure water at Hiriketiya Beach. This won’t be the perfect place for those who expect to have a secluded beach getaway. 

But still, it offers the perfect sea for those who love dipping in the sea with calmer waters. Since the beach is not so huge, sometimes it can get a little packed with visitors. Yet, you can enjoy a serene beach walk along the shore to appreciate its natural beauty. 

You can get a more laid-back experience if you hit the beach by sunrise. Watching the sunset will also add to your unforgettable memories in Sri Lanka. You can socialize with others, meet the locals, and enjoy a book on a beach bed, just to get yourself out from the hectic schedule you are used to.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Hiriketiya Beach?

The perfect months to visit Hiriketiya Beach are from November to April. The weather is dry during this time, and the sea conditions are most appropriate for outdoor activities like surfing and swimming. However, the months from May to October are less approved due to the monsoon season.

How Can You Get To Hiriketiya Beach?

You can use multiple transportation modes to get to Hiriketiya easily. Getting to this place is easier and quicker if you’re already in Matara. However, since most of you would be traveling from Colombo, you can use the southern expressway to reach here conveniently in under a few hours.

Even though using the bus is possible, it will not be a versatile option since you may have to transfer to several buses. Another interesting way to get to Hiriketiya is traveling by train. You can get on a train from the Fort railway station and get down from Dickwella station. 

From there it takes a few minutes to get to the beach. You can take a tuk-tuk to reach your destination very easily. A train ride will offer picturesque views of the beach since you’ll be closely taken along the southern coastline. 

The other favorable option is to ride in a private vehicle. For this, you can either hire a vehicle from a rent-a-car service or get a can from a local taxi service such as Uber or PickMe. However, this would be costly though. Using domestic flights is also possible in Sri lanka. You can arrange your flight ahead of time. The closest destination to Hiriketiya is Dickwella.

Nearby Attractions To Hiriketiya Beach

After spending your time to the fullest at Hiriketiya Beach, there are a few other places you shouldn’t miss. Here’s the list you might want to check out:

  • Dickwella Beach
  • Hummanaya Blowhole
  • Silent Beach
  • Tangalle Beach
  • Visit Wewurukannala Temple
  • Visit fish harbors
  • Dondra Lighthouse
  • Climb Mulkirigala Rock Monastery

Here are some more beaches you can visit in Matara just spending a few hours from Hiriketiya Beach:

  • Matara main beach
  • Weligama beach
  • Talalla Beach
  • Seethagalla Beach
  • Matara Paravi Duwa Beach
  • SK Town Beach

Hotels, Accommodation, and Dining Recommendations Around Hiriketiya Beach

You can find many hotels, restaurants, hostels, villas, and cafes around Hiriketiya Beach. Most of them will provide a world-class experience allowing you to spend a luxury stay at these places. Here are some of our recommendations so that you can pick the best place during your next trip to Hiriketiya:

  • Garlic Cafe
  • Dots
  • Blue Bay Chill Out Lounge
  • La Playa Beach Club
  • Belika Beach Club
  • Sea View Clay House Hiriketiya

General Tips When Visiting Hiriketiya Beach

  • Do not forget to carry sunscreen that is at least SPF 50 or higher. The sunshine here can be very tough sometimes therefore all your sun protection gear is important.
  • You must check the weather condition before hitting the beach especially if you’re planning on engaging in water sports.
  • We would recommend getting the assistance of instructors if you’re planning on surfing or snorkeling.
  • Do not forget to check out king coconuts sold on the beach. They can be so refreshing and even better than the beverages you’ll be spending a hundred dollars on!
  • This beach is not patrolled. Therefore, avoid carrying your extra cash, jewelry, and other valuable stuff onto the beach for good security reasons.

Hiriketiya Beach- The Hidden Gem Lying On The Southern Coast Of Sri Lanka!

With a magical backdrop of soft sands, clear blue water, and a thick jungle in its vicinity, Hiriketiya is one of the most lesser-known places among beachgoers. But recently, this place has become one unmissable spot among enthusiastic beach lovers.

If you want to spend some quality time soaking under the bright sun and dipping in fresh seawater. Hiriketiya Beach offers some of the most unforgettable memories during your itinerary at this paradise island!

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