Why Should You Visit Galle, Sri Lanka- Fascinating Experiences For An Unmissable Trip!

Recorded as one of the warmest places in Sri Lanka, Galle is the perfect sunny town to get an array of exciting experiences. Enjoy some exhilarating activities during your stay here while having an unforgettable time!

Galle (ගාල්ල) is more than a mere sunny town, where you will have many things to do to keep yourself occupied throughout your stay. This place has many beaches to sunbathe, swim, and engage in water sports. The colonial buildings and ancient religious sites are worth seeing while you can also have an excellent shopping experience. Watch the breathtaking sunset on the Galle Fort and click some great snaps.

Read along to learn what more you can enjoy in Galle and why it has become a place worth visiting!

Why Should You Visit Galle, Sri Lanka?

Enchanting Galle is one of the most distinguished places in Sri Lanka, famed for its rich history and diversity. Nestled among the beautiful beaches, it showcases the charm of the southern part of the country, making it a paradise to anyone who seeks warmth, thrill, and multifarious places to explore.

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The beaches in Galle, popularly known as the “down-south beaches” among the folks, are something you shouldn’t miss in your Sri Lankan itinerary. While there are several beaches, all of them are largely varied, offering waves to die for along with many exciting water sports for adventure seekers.

Magnificent natural formations like Roomassala and reserves like Kanneliya are wonderful places to explore, detaching yourself for a moment from the elegant colonial building inside the Galle Fort.

This place is worth your time investment for a few days since you will not be able to finish exploring in one single day. It is a different part of the country, loved by many travelers from around the world.

The colonial building and ancient ramparts in the Galle Fort boast the rich history of this beautiful city. Click on this to learn more about this World Heritage Site and why you should visit here.

What Are The Epic Experiences You Can Have In Galle?

With many things you can do in Galle, we have managed to cover the best and most of them as much as possible. By this CeylonPulse episode, you will get to know some of the most significant stuff that Galle has to offer! You will learn that Galle is something beyond its Fort and beaches, which will give you some memories for a lifetime to cherish with your whole family!

Galle Fort Is The Best Place To Start!

The magnificent Galle Fort is the heart of this beautiful coastal town, which gives it its true value. Every visitor who comes to Galle, do not forget to stop by and explore this grand ancient creation. Being the top attraction of the town, you have many things to do in the Galle Fort.

You will be able to see the white-washed colonial buildings constructed by infusing the architectural skills of Europe and Asia in the eighteenth century. The ancient buildings are now renovated and transformed into stylish, showy little boutiques, cafes, and art galleries. In these shops, you can find all sorts of precious gems, jewelry, comfortable clothing, handmade fabrics, and other colorful handicrafts.

Small local cafes and high-end restaurants inside the Galle Fort will provide you with mouthwatering foods authentic to the Galle region, and some of them even serve international menus. Religious sites inside the fort are open to anyone so that you can catch a glimpse of the old and elegant monuments.

Take a trip to the Galle Fort lighthouse, and do not forget to watch the sunset on the Galle Fort wall for an indelible moment. Click some great shots on top of the fortress, and sometimes you can even check out the risk-jumping locals who would jump up from the wall of the fortress to the shallow waters for fun, yet a very heart-pumping thing to observe!

Head Out To The Beaches…

Immerse in the sun and get yourself salted with the crystal waters of the many beaches around Galle! This place has some of the best beaches in the country that you must check out. Popular Unawatuna is one of the southern-coastal hotspots where you can get some exhilarating beach experience.

Here, you can engage in many adventurous water sports, such as wakeboarding, snorkeling, scuba diving, and sea kayaking. You can arrange an incredible snorkeling journey with one of the diving centers in Unawatuna, where you can also see mesmerizing marine life, including the vibrant coral reefs.

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Most beaches around Galle are lined with luxury beach bars where you can refresh after dipping in the ocean. However, you must remember that since Galle is one of the hottest places in the country, you must be aware of the UV radiation.
Sometimes, especially during the day, UV radiation in this area can go to its extremities. Therefore, you must take specific safety precautions, particularly if you wish to sunbathe. Other beaches that you need to check out in Galle other than Unawatuna include:

  • Bentota Beach
  • Jungle Beach
  • Dalawella Beach
  • Mihiripenna Beach
  • Ahungalla Beach
  • Induruwa Beach
  • Pitiwella Beach
  • Beach of Bonavista
  • Sahana Beach
  • Koggala Beach
  • Lighthouse Beach

The Amazing Experience With Turtles And In Turtle Hatcheries

One thing we didn’t mention on top was saved to tell you here– Dalawella Beach in Unawatuna is one of the best places in Galle to get a phenomenal experience with huge sea turtles! These fantastic sea creatures will reach you to make a close association where you can even find a little nice something to feed them.

They are unharmed, innocent animals who show a cozy bond with humans and usually do not get disturbed by your presence in their habitat. In addition to this extraordinary experience, you can also visit the sea turtle hatcheries to see many species of this beautiful endangered animal.

There are volunteer conservatory programs you can join and get the utmost happiness in releasing baby turtles into the sea. This is something that your kids must experience so that their connection with nature will be amplified. Turtle hatcheries can be visited in places like Mahamodara and Koggala, which will take only a few minutes from the main city of Galle.

Learn How To Cook A Traditional Sri Lankan Meal!

Sri Lankans are one of the world’s most hospitable and warmest nationalities. Thus, they are willing to make yourselves at home whenever you visit the country. Most local homes in Galle have open kitchens and are ready to give you cooking lessons on making traditional Sri Lankan meals from scratch.

You can savor some of the spiciest dishes in the country in this part of Sri Lanka as they have a unique way of incorporating spices and herbs. You’ll even be taken on a local market visit to buy the goods required for the particular meal.

Moreover, they will also teach to prepare it in distinctive ways, such as using a wood stove and clay utensils. This could be such a unique experience that you will get to experience it only once in your lifetime. You’ll never forget the remarkable experience you’ll get by scraping coconut, cutting the local vegetables, and eating with your hand!

Join a One-day Workshop To Learn To Make Gemstone Jewelry And Colorful Mask Artistry

This is another exciting thing you can do within and around Galle. Most gem merchants host one-day workshops for tourists who are enthusiastic about learning and watching how these stunning gemstone studded jewelry are made.

These workshops are often held in shops located inside the Galle Fort. At the same time, you can also take a quick trip to Ambalandgoda, another coastal city located in the Galle district, to witness the fascinating, inherent mask culture.

This area is world-renowned for masks and puppets, an iconic part of the Sri Lankan low-country artistic culture. Here you can join a workshop to see how these masks are carved and colored. It is imperative to remember that these experiences are exclusive to Galle District!

Digital Nomads Are Always Welcomed To Galle

Since the arrival of digital nomads is seemingly increasing in Sri Lanka, Galle has become another hotspot for you if you’re seeking some excellent coworking spaces in the country.

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Galle is one of the largest cities in the country; therefore, you can find many places with a fantastic working atmosphere and good internet speed for you to come up with productive work.

Most digital nomads find Galle much more affordable in terms of the cost of living than Colombo. A perfect working background can be ensured here in Galle while you can also enjoy your stay, venturing all the lovely places around!

Explore Around Galle In A Two-wheeler…

The thriving touristy nature in Galle has paved the way for most of the local companies to come up with rent-a-bike services. Thus, you can find plenty of places to hire a bike and wander around Galle to explore all the beautiful places it has to offer.

Scooters and motorbikes can be rented on your preference, with or without a rider guide. You can also hire push bikes for more adventure, especially if you need to explore the rural countryside of Galle. Riding on a bike will allow you to stop and observe the places at your own gait.

Watching stilt fishermen in the evening while sipping on a warm cup of tea from a roadside food stall is something magical you shouldn’t miss out on. These little things will say so much about the value of a tranquilized life contrasting with what you have to go through daily.

Unmissable Nearby Experience You Should Know Of!

The fun, adventure, and excitement do not simply confine to the Galle City. You have plenty of other places to explore and things to do in nearby areas as well. Hence, you should undoubtedly reserve a few days on your trip to Galle.

Roomassala Sanctuary

While captivating colonial man-made buildings add value to Galle, nature’s gifts, like Roomassala, define the beauty of this place. Roomassala Hill is a massive cliff located a few miles away from the Galle Fort towards the countryside.

Curious travelers who visit Galle never miss out on this place as it boasts a great deal of unique and rare flora and fauna. Locals also believe that exotic herbs found in this mountain have enchanted healing properties; thus, they consider this place as one of their sacred landmarks.

You can hike the mountain and capture some fantastic wildlife photographs while enjoying the glamorous natural beauty of this place.

Kanneliya Forest Reserve

Beautifully concealed about 20 miles from Galle City, Kanneliya is one of the lesser-known yet must-visit forest reserves in the southern tip of the country. Once you enter the forest, you will feel like you’re living inside the Jungle Book due to its rich ecosystem.

Kanneliya is an excellent place for bird lovers, home to hundreds of inherent, migratory, and resident birds. This place brags a rich diversity of flora and fauna with a vast range of tropical trees and flowers. You can arrange a guided tour of Kanneliya Forest Reserve to get the best out of its mystical beauty.

Take A Trip To A Luscious Cinnamon Estate

Galle is the most reputed place in the world for producing the best Ceylon cinnamon. Therefore, if you plan on spending a few days here, you can take an inspirational trip to luscious and scented cinnamon estates to witness how they are cultivated.

You can even take a guided trip to a cinnamon factory and see how they are sorted out and packed to be brought to the international level. You can even buy the best cinnamon from one of these places and even learn how this spice is incorporated into different types of food.

Other Places Around…

Once finished exploring the nearby areas in Galle, you can boost your beach experience by traveling to Hikkaduwa, Mirissa, or Matara. Hikkaduwa and Mirissa beaches are always ready to give you an exceptional coastal adventure with a different vibe. So do not miss out on checking these places as well!

Sprinkle Wanderlust To Your Travel Journal With The Best Things In Galle!

From the best beaches in the country, grand colonial buildings, and ramparts to a rich diversity of natural formations, Galle is truly a sensational place that expresses the beauty of Sri Lanka. Things you can do in this place and places you can explore are endless and give a remarkable experience in your life. So what is the best thing you found in Galle, and how did you find our article to help organize your trip? We are waiting for your feedback!

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