Ella, Sri Lanka: Discover Why it’s a Must-Visit Travel Destination!

Quaint and enchanting Ella is one of the most distinctive places every traveler should visit during their Sri Lankan itinerary. So, let’s have you covered everything about this mesmerizing destination!

Located in the Badulla District of Uva Province, Ella is a beautiful area surrounded by verdant hills in Sri Lanka. This is situated about 1040 meters above sea level and is famous for its panoramic views, rich biodiversity, adventurous activities, and many other things you could enjoy around.

Keep reading to learn why this is a place that is worth visiting.

Why Is Ella A Magical Destination, And Where Is It Located?

Visited by thousands of local and foreign travelers each year, Ella is perhaps one of the best travel destinations in Southeast Asia, known for its majestic landscapes, water bodies, tea plantations, etc. You’ll be able to reach Ella once you travel about 120 miles away from the capital city of Colombo, towards the Badulla District of Uva Province.

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Ella offers a temperate climate, giving you a laid-back environment to take a break from the urban atmosphere and relax. The misty sky-scraping mountains, cascading waterfalls, exotic hillside flora, and fauna, along with many places to have thrilling treks and hikes, will make this place an absolute magical destination!

Several spots in Ella, such as Ravana Falls, Dhowa Rock Temple, Ravana Cave, etc., are some of the historical landmarks that add recorded value to this site. In fact, there are various interesting stories and folklore regarding Ravana Falls and Ravana Cave. At the same time, The Dhowa Rock Temple holds a religious significance in terms of Buddhist culture in ancient Sri Lanka.

What Kind Of Experience Can You Get In Ella?

As mentioned earlier, Ella is a travelers’ utopia best known for its fairytale-like landscapes. Literally, you should never miss out on the unforgettable train ride experience to Ella if you visit Sri Lanka. Vistas of fog and clouds covering the peaks of the mountain range and the sunrise in Ella are sensational scenes to witness. 

You could adorn your social media feed with the stunning clicks of the landscape of this area and even film your journey for your travel blog. After a fresh walk in the morning, you could also hit a waterfall and relish a cup of pure Ceylon tea or some delicious Sri Lankan foods. 

You can enjoy a peaceful rail walk to the famous Nine Arch Bridge in the morning- you will surely cherish all these remarkable experiences! And, on a bright and clear sunny day, Ella gap provides the view all the way up to the southern coast of Sri Lanka.

There’s More To Do In Ella!

You could actually spend some of the best days in your life in Ella. That is why we suggest that it would be best if you could allocate a few days to explore this destination. While Ella is the ideal place to de-stress, it is also no short of adventurous activities. 

In fact, sightseeing, visiting landscapes, and hitting on waterfalls are not the only things this place has to offer. It is also a great spot to hike, go camping, engage in adventure sports, and explore some hidden historical sites.

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How Can You Get To Ella?

One of the best and most popular ways to travel to Ella is by train. And we can assure you that the ride from Kandy to Ella (about 100 miles) is one of the most exquisite travels you could ever have in your life! You can also travel from Colombo to Ella by train, and this ride will take about 11 hours. 

If not, you can also take the bus from Colombo to reach Kandy and then take the train from the Kandy railway station. If you do not prefer public transport, you could travel to Ella by private vehicle. You can hire a cab from a cab service or even take an Uber ride.

Moving Around Ella

Tuk-Tuk is the best method to explore the places around Ella. Despite the town’s size, you will find plenty of tuk-tuks! However, the town is relatively small, and it is easier to stroll around Ella town on foot and enjoy the tourist attractions and friendly locals. You can also hire motorbikes for your sightseeing trips.

Attractions Near Ella That Might Interest You

After exploring Ella, you could take it all the way up to Nuwara Eliya. In addition, you can also visit some of the tea factories around to enjoy some pure Ceylon tea or visit places like Demodara,  Diyaluma Falls and Lipton’s Seat, etc. And also, do not forget to check out locations like Little Adam’s Peak and take your trip through Kandy to discover more places to visit.

What Do You Need To Know About Safety And Security When Visiting Ella

Like many other tourist destinations in Sri lanka, Ella is also a safe zone for you and your family to be visited any time of the year. There are actually no specific safety guidelines to follow when exploring this area, but we thought it is required to enlighten you with some noteworthy information.

Especially if you plan to hike Ella rock, it is important that you organize the hike accordingly. Ella is usually a wet zone, so that you might experience unexpected showers. 

Hence, make sure you take the required stuff to sustain such pourings. And do not forget your sunscreen and wear boots, as you are much more likely to be attacked by leeches along the trek.

When Traveling…

If you are traveling to Ella by train, be careful when hanging on to the handles of the train, especially when it is raining. The sights must be beautiful from the edges, but it could be dangerous since the handles could be slippery and make you topple down the moving train.

Moreover, if you are exploring Ella in a tuk-tuk, it is advisable not to leave your things behind on the tuk-tuk. It would be best if you could leave your luggage in your lodging and then start going around with the most essential things you can carry with you each time you get down the vehicle.

Ella is one of many best destinations that you should add to your Sri Lankan travel agenda. Click on this link to discover more places!

Mystical Ella Will Leave Lasting Memories In Your Travel Journal!

Trekking, hiking, sightseeing, adventure activities, and smiling locals- Ella is undoubtedly one of the places you should never skip during your stay in Sri Lanka. This place is literally magical and has so much to offer whether you are a solo traveler, need a romantic getaway, or even when you need to enjoy it with your friends and family! Do not forget to comment on your experience below, as we love to hear from you!

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