Why Should You Visit Ella? (The Lifetime Experiences You Could Have)

Awe-inspiring Ella does not really confine to Instagrammable photos and reels but also provides a ton of exciting things to do during your stay. In this article, we hope to share all of them with our enthusiastic travelers!

Ella is filled with breathtaking landscapes all over, offering many things to explore in its setting, such as gleaming waterfalls, plush tea plantations/ factories, verdant mountains, etc. And you could also visit some historically significant places like Ravana Cave and Dhowa Rock Temple while engaging in thrilling adventure sports like mega zip line, abseiling, air rifling, and archery.

So, come with us to discover the best activities you should never miss in Ella!

Why Should You Visit Ella?

We’d rather ask why you shouldn’t visit Ella! In fact, this is one of the best places in Sri Lanka that should be added to the top of your travel bucket list. Rewarding you with breathtaking views of the surroundings, enchanting places to explore along with an everlasting train experience, there are so many other reasons why travelers have embraced Ella so heartily.  

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The vibe in Ella is an experience in itself since you won’t be experiencing the bustling nature in most other urban cities in Sri lanka. The town is relatively small, and you’ll meet the smiling, friendly locals buzzing away with their daily chores. If you are visiting this place, it is important to allocate a few days from your travel agenda.

The place is packed with amazing things to do, such as hiking on green mountain tops, engaging in adventure sports, dipping in water bodies, enjoying a cup of pure Ceylon tea, and visiting tea factories, etc. So, let us elaborate on the best activities you can do during your stay in Ella.

Ella is ideal for relaxing and getting some of the best views in Sri Lanka. If you need more information on this destination, just click on this link!

The Train Ride To Ella

You must be thinking, what is so exciting about a train ride? But, if you trust our words, we would rather ask you never to miss this experience on top of anything! The train ride to Ella is so magical that you can’t resist the panoramic views you get on your way. To make this experience more delightful, we would suggest taking the train from the Kandy railway station.

The route is really gorgeous, and you’ll be able to catch the hillside flowers, waterfalls, rainforests, and villages as the train slowly passes through the luscious tea plantations. You’ll meet the kind locals who would often greet you with huge smiles, and there’ll be vendors selling fresh food on the train, which you should definitely try!

Visit The Nine-Arch Bridge (aka Bridge in the Sky!)

This is one of the main tourist attractions in Ella. The 30-meter-high Nine Arch Stone Bridge is a magnificent piece of architecture disguised between lush green tea fields. You can stroll on the bridge while filming your way and clicking as many photos as you want! 

The shortest way is to walk along the route from Ella town until you reach a tunnel. After passing the tunnel, you directly get to the Nine Arch Bridge. The best time to visit this place is early in the morning since it’ll be less crowded and you can capture the surroundings more peacefully.

Hike To Ella Rock And Little Adam’s Peak

As another must-do during your stay in Ella, hiking to Ella rock and Little Adam’s Peak can be quite the expedition! Ella Rock is a mystical hike that follows a rugged path through forests and tea plantations. The scenery from the summit is hardly beatable! Close to Ella rock, you’ll also find Little Adams Peak. 

While the sights from both are breathtaking, the hiking tracks leading to Ella Rock and Little Adams Peak are much different from each other. You can travel without a tour guide, but we recommend getting a guide’s help since you’ll likely be lost up there. You can even pack up a picnic and add more memories to your wander journal!

Adventure Sports In Ella

Currently, one of the largest mega zip line adventures is functioning around Ella rock. So, do not forget to miss out on the fun and exhilarating activities they have to offer you as well.

You could indulge in archery, ATV/quad bike rides, abseiling, air rifling, and many other activities in this adventure park if you are a real adventure enthusiast who needs something more than an ordinary mountain hike!

Explore The Waterfalls

You’ll get to hit some of the best waterfalls in Sri Lanka during your stay in Ella. Diyaluma Falls, Ravana Falls and cave, The Secret Falls, Ellawala waterfall, Kital Ella Waterfall, Pallewela Falls, and Dunhinda Falls are the best water bodies you can explore around Ella. And you could even take a quick dip in freezing cold water but with caution.

Visit Nil Diya Pokuna- The Hidden Beauty In Ella

Nil Diya Pokuna is an underground hidden water pool situated in a cave or a tunnel complex that is located about 8 miles away from Ella. The water in this pool is turquoise blue and crystal clear (which is why it has got its name), and it is an excellent place to have an adventurous experience that most travelers haven’t caught. 

This place has an interesting backstory associated with the ancient folklore of Rama, Ravana, and Sita. The cave can be accessed through two separate entrances, the better-known one located in a forest reserve in the area. 

A villager then discovered a second entrance on private property. The cave has a rabbit hole opening through which you can reach the pond. Nil Diya Pokuna is a location to be explored by adventure lovers, and caution should be taken during this journey. Hence, you should take the help of a tour guide before visiting this place.

Camping At Ella

Although Ella is not the best-known camping site, you’ll still be able to find several great locations for a perfect camping night. You can get information about the sites from the place of your accommodation or from the tour guide who helps you.

Sigiriya is another destination in Sri Lanka that will offer you a lot of experiences and places to explore. Click on this to check out more!

Enjoy Traditional Sri Lankan Food In Ella!

This beautiful destination is full of places that can offer you delicious, traditional Sri Lankan food. While indulging in the luxury amenities of some of the high-end hotels around Ella, you could also savor zesty and aromatic Sri Lankan food from many restaurants around the town and beyond.

In addition, you could even arrange a cooking workshop to learn how to make divine classic Sri Lankan dishes if you speak with a restaurant or the hotel you stay in. Won’t it be fun!

Explore The Tea Plantations and Tea Factories

Ella is a paradise of plush tea estates and many operational tea factories. And you can explore these tea plantations for free, and most tea factories welcome tourists so that you can witness how pure Ceylon tea is being prepared. Moreover, you can also indulge in a cup of warm, fragrant Ceylon tea as most tea factories tend to offer them free of charge for foreign visitors.

Endless Things To Do In Ella Will Glue You To The Place!

While the beauty in Ella could certainly stick you to it, there are many other activities to engage in here throughout your stay. From hiking Ella rock or Little Adam’s Peak, participating in adventure sports, and exploring waterfalls, this enchanting destination will offer its best to you!

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