The 11 Best Beaches and Beach Experiences in Sri lanka For An Epic Vacation!

The paradise island is surrounded by the beauty and charm of the vast Indian Ocean, making it the real gem of Southeast Asia. Thus, out of the many beautiful beaches around the country, we thought of sharing the best beaches in Sri Lanka that you must visit and enjoy!

Picking out the finest beaches in Sri Lanka was a tough job indeed! All sand and waiters are a true treasure to the country. However, we managed to select 11 best beaches that will give you the perfect experience:

  1. Unawatuna Beach
  2. Hikkaduwa Beach
  3. Arugam Bay
  4. Mirissa Beach
  5. Nilaveli Beach, Trincomalee
  6. Pasikuda Beach
  7. The Beaches at Bentota 
  8. Hiriketiya Beach, Matara
  9. Weligama Beach, Matara
  10. Kalpitiya Beach
  11. Browns Beach, Negombo

So, let’s dig in and see what is so special about these beach destinations and how you could spend your vacations to the fullest at these locations.

The Best 11 Beaches and Beach Experiences in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, being one of the most beautiful tropical countries, is no short of its natural charm. Travelers from around the world visit this island mainly to enjoy the beaches surrounding the country. The scenic views of these exquisite sandy shores will make you want to revisit these beautiful beaches in and around Sri Lanka. 

Unawatuna Beach Sri lanka - CeylonPulse

Also, beaches are the ideal place to unwind with the sound of gushing waves giving you a tempest feeling. There is a sense of true delight and peace while relaxing on a beach. 

Make sure these beaches in Sri Lanka are on your bucket list if you are a beach baby and want to explore its coastline.

1. Unawatuna Beach

Famous among beach lovers worldwide, Unawatuna Beach is one of the most beautiful beach destinations on the southern coast of the country. This place is known for ecotourism with its palm trees, squeaky-clean golden sands, and turquoise water. Unawatuna is in the Galle district of the Southern Province of Sri Lanka.

Things to enjoy:

  • You can engage in exhilarating water sports such as paddleboard surfing, diving, and snorkeling.
  • Visiting the turtle hatcheries
  • Engage in an unforgettable shopping session at unique souvenir shops
  • Visit the Japanese Peace Pagoda
  • Play on the beach and swim in the shallow water
  • Explore the fine dining options and enjoy a drink at the nearby bar
  • Spend a romantic evening watching the sunset
  • Enjoy the nightlife at Unawatuna
  • Relax at nearby beaches such as Dalawella, Jungle Beach, and Wijaya Beach
  • Take the exciting rope swing at Dalawella Beach
  • Engage in yoga sessions and take a cooking class
  • Visit the dog care clinic
  • Enjoy the special amenities at luxury hotels at Unawatuna

Best time to visit:

Late August and early September as the rain starts to develop by mid-October.

How can you reach Unawatuna?

Unawatuna is just 17-20 minutes from the city of Galle. It takes about a 3-hour ride to reach this place from the Bandaranaike International Airport, Katunayake. You can use a local taxi service, rent a cab, or even public transportation to get to Unawatuna easily.

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2. Hikkaduwa Beach

Popularly known as “Hikka” among the majority, this beach destination is a place that created a beach frenzy in Sri Lanka. Hikkaduwa Beach grew in popularity over the years, making it on of the best beaches in Sri lanka for all beach enthusiasts. This lengthy stretch of coast boasts the country’s tropical charm and beauty with the perfect backdrop of immaculate sand and sea.

Things to enjoy:

  • Spirited nightlife and exciting beach parties
  • Relax on the Hikkaduwa main Beach, Narigama Beach, and Turtle Beach
  • Swim with giant sea turtles
  • Visit sea turtle conservation centers
  • Engage in adventurous water sports such as scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, sailing and kayaking
  • Explore the colorful coral reefs and vibrant marine life
  • Wander the areas on a scooter, motorbike, or foot cycle
  • Spend your best time as a digital nomad
  • Enjoy the best seafood, authentic Sri Lankan cuisine, and world-class amenities at the best restaurants, and hotels
  • Pamper yourself with a soothing ayurvedic spa experience
  • Go sightseeing in the Hikkaduwa vicinity

Best time to visit:

Anytime from December to March is considered the ideal time to hit this beach.

How to reach Hikkaduwa Beach?

You can use either public transportation such as the bus or the train or a private vehicle to get to Hikkaduwa. It will take around 40 minutes to reach this place from Galle and around 2 hours from Colombo to Hikkaduwa.

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3. Arugam Bay

Being another popular beach destination among tourists, Arugam Bay is an unmissable place for those who love surfing and some quality time out in the sun. The vibe in this location is truly enchanted, making it the ultimate utopia for surfers (beginners or professionals) who need to engage in National and International surfing competitions.

Things to enjoy:

  • Enjoy surfing and learn to surf at many surfing points at Arugam Bay
  • Engage in a lagoon safari
  • Watch the sunset at Elephant Rock
  • Do some authentic shopping
  • Engage in yoga sessions
  • Enjoy scrumptious food
  • Stay at luxury hotels and enjoy the spa experience
  • Indulge in the vibrant nightlife
  • Relax on the beach and meet new people
  • Go sightseeing in the Arugam Bay vicinity

Best time to visit:

The most suitable time to surf in Arugam Bay is from May to November. However, July, August, and September are supposed to be the ideal months if you’re into surfing.

How to reach Arugam Bay?

You can get to Arugam Bay by bus, train, or private vehicle anywhere in Sri Lanka. The easiest way to get to this place is by first reaching Pottuvil. If you’re coming to Arugam Bay from Colombo, it would be best to come by private vehicle.

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4. Mirissa Beach

As the fourth on our list, we chose Mirissa Beach mainly due to the uncanny vibe it brings to you as a stunning beach. This is the perfect place to spend some quality time soaking in the sun and unwind from your chaotic life. Stretches of golden sands and azure water bring a delightful experience to whoever needs a real beach retreat. 

Things to enjoy:

  • Relax on the beach and dip in the ocean
  • Engage in surfing, paddleboarding, snorkeling, and jet skiing.
  • Enjoy whale and dolphin watching
  • Click some iconic pictures of the Coconut Tree Hill and Parrot Rock
  • Enjoy the eateries around Mirissa
  • Have a soothing Ayurvedic spa
  • Visit the fish auction at the Mirissa Fishing Village
  • Visit the Secret Beach at Mirissa
  • Enjoy the energetic nightlife
  • Stay at a luxury hotel and enjoy its amenities

Best time to visit:

December to March are the ideal months if you want to see turtle hatching. Or else, you can visit here from August to October.

How to get to Mirissa Beach?

As usual, you can count on public and private transport to get to Mirissa Beach. If you’re coming by train, you can get down at the Weligama Station (which is the closest) and get to the beach on a tuk-tuk. However, coming by private vehicle would still be the most convenient way to come here.

Click on this link and refer to our detailed article about Mirissa to obtain further information you need.

5. Nilaveli Beach, Trincomalee

Moving away from the southern coast of the country, you will find Nilaveli Beach on the eastern coast of the paradise island. This beach destination is known for its beautiful soft white sands which slope gently into the clear shallow Indian Ocean. This is one of the best beaches in the country, boasting the island’s remoteness, wavering palms, and golden touch to the shore.

Things to enjoy:

  • The unique beach and shallow waters of the sea
  • Swim with turtles on Pigeon Island
  • Engage in watersports
  • Head to Uppuveli Beach
  • Explore the magical historical town of Trincomalee
  • Enjoy the beautiful cultural differences
  • Go sightseeing
  • Relax on the stunning Marble Beach
  • Join a whale-watching tour
  • Indulge in authentic Tamil-Sri Lankan food at the local eateries

Best time to visit:

November to May are the best months to visit Nilaveli Beach.

How to reach Nilaveli Beach?

The best and the easiest way to reach Nilaveli Beach is by getting to Trincomalee. It will take only about 20 minutes to reach the beach from Trincomalee town. You can take a tuk-tuk from the town to reach your destination.

If you’re interested in learning more things about Trincomalee and things to do in this gorgeous historical town, we are here to assist you with our comprehensive article!

6. Pasikuda Beach

Pasikudah is a wonderful beach destination in Sri lanka that is rarely missed by any beach lover. The area is famous as a gorgeous resort hub with plenty of luxury hotels and resorts. Pasikudah is also famed as one of the best beaches in Sri Lanka and has one of the lengthiest stretches of shallow reef coastline in the world.

Things to enjoy:

  • One of the safest spots for swimming in the country
  • Enjoy the pristine beauty with Instagrammable photos
  • You can engage in various water sports such as kayaking, snorkeling, diving, and sailing.
  • Visit Kalkudah Beach
  • Explore Batticaloa lagoon
  • Take a town tour and go sightseeing 
  • Discover the magnificent Hindu temples
  • Explore the quaint villages
  • Enjoy your stay at a luxury hotel

Best time to visit:

The best months to visit Pasikuda are between March and October.

How to get to Pasikuda Beach?

Reaching Pasikudah is feasible by bus, train, or private vehicle. You can take the bus or train from Colombo straight to Batticaloa. From Batticaloa, it will take only a few minutes to reach the beach.

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7. The Beaches at Bentota

Bentota is a small coastal town consisting of several gorgeous beaches that are worth visiting during your stay in Sri Lanka. All these beaches will offer an unmissable experience where you can enjoy some great waves, golden sandy shores and even engage in exciting water sports. Ventura Beach, Moragalla Beach, and Cinnamon Island Beach are the three main beaches you will find in this destination.

Things to enjoy:

  • An array of water sports including water skiing, diving, water polo, canoeing, and paddleboarding
  • Learn to surf
  • Explore the area on a push-bike
  • Enjoy bar hopping and experience the spirited nightlife
  • Visit turtle hatcheries
  • Go sightseeing
  • Engage in an exciting “Madu Ganga” river safari
  • Go lagoon fishing

Best time to visit:

October to April is the best time to visit this place as the temperature is perfect for water sports and other adventurous activities.

How to get to Beaches in Bentota?

Reaching Bentota from Galle will be much easier as it only takes a 1-hour ride. But, if you’re traveling from Colombo, it will take almost two hours. You can easily use the public transportation modes or a private vehicle more conveniently.

We are ready to share more information about Bentota and its beaches through this article. Click here!

8. Hiriketiya Beach, Matara

Hiriketiya Beach, also known as the Hiriketiya Bay or “Hiri” among the locals, is another one of the most spectacular beaches lying on the southern coast of the country. It is known as “the hidden gem” of the southern coast since it has been untouched for so many years. Hiriketiya Beach is well-known for its distinctive horseshoe shape, a natural build that adds an essence of seclusion to your beach experience.

Things to enjoy:

  • Enjoy the best waves for surfing
  • Engage in other water activities such as snorkeling, paddle boarding, and boat tours.
  • Occupy with yoga sessions and cooking classes
  • Click some excellent pictures with the perfect backdrops for your captures
  • Enjoy an immaculate dining experience with local and international cuisine
  • Enjoy an unforgettable beach walk and swim in the ocean

Best time to visit:

The perfect months to visit Hiriketiya Beach are from November to April. The weather is dry during this time, and the sea conditions are most appropriate for outdoor activities like surfing and swimming

How to reach Hiriketiya Beach?

Getting to this place is easier and quicker if you’re already in Matara. However, if you’re coming from Colombo, you can use the southern expressway to get here quickly.

Discover more about Hiriketiya Beach and things to do around this beach destination from this article.

9. Weligama Beach, Matara

Not to miss, another excellent beach in Matara District is the famous Weligama. Weligama Beach boasts the tropical beauty of the country through its sands and water. This location is another popular hotspot for surfing in the country. Many local and foreign tourists flock around this place to enjoy the perfect sun, sea waves, and recreational activities.

Things to enjoy:

  • Spend a relaxed day out at the beach and swimming in the sea.
  • Surf to your heart’s extent!
  • Enjoy other water sports such as kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, and boat rides.
  • Play beach volleyball, soccer, and frisbee on the beach.
  • Explore Weligama town
  • Visit Taprobane Island
  • Take yoga classes and take a cooking workshop
  • Visit the local eateries and enjoy fresh seafood

Best time to visit:

The best time to visit and swim in Weligama Beach would be between October to April when the sea isn’t too rough and the weather is perfect.

How to get to Weligama Beach?

If you’re heading to Weligama from the capital city of Colombo, you have multiple options such as using the train, bus, or a private vehicle. It will take around 3 hours for you to travel by public transport from Colombo. If not, traveling by private vehicle would be the easiest.

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10. Kalpitiya Beach

With a different vibe and a secluded sentiment, you have the opportunity to enjoy a laid-back beach vacation at Kalpitiya Beach. Kalptoya is a peninsula that is made up of fourteen islands and is Sri Lanka’s epicenter for kitesurfing. Kalpitiya Beach is less crowded and is perfect for swimming with its shallow waters.

Things to enjoy:

  • Learn and enjoy kitesurfing
  • Go whale and dolphin watching excursions
  • Visit the Dutch Fort
  • Spend a day out at Kudawa Beach
  • Explore the islands and Kalpitiya Lagoon on a boat ride
  • Go sightseeing
  • Explore the area on a tuk-tuk or a push-bike
  • Enjoy scuba diving
  • Indulge in delicious food from local and international cuisines

Best time to visit:

The best time to visit Kalpitiya Beach is during the dry months, preferably between October to May. It is a wonderful time for water sports.

How to reach Kalpitiya Beach?

The easiest way to get to Kalpitiya is by getting to Puttalam. Considering that you’re traveling to Puttalam from the capital city of Colombo, there are multiple modes of transportation you can count on. Frequent buses are running to Puttalam from Fort Bus stand. Still, the most convenient would be to ride on a private vehicle even though it can be a little costly.

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11. Browns Beach, Negombo

Browns Beach is one of the famous and unspoiled private beaches in Negombo. It is renowned for its luscious blond sands, turquoise blue water, and stunning palm trees. The beach is very close to the fishing village of Negombo and boasts of being the most favored seaside resort in Negombo.

Things to enjoy:

  • Enjoy a day out on the beach and dip in the fresh seawater for a refreshing swim
  • Engage in indoor and outdoor activities offered at the top-notch resorts
  • Enjoy a candlelight dinner at a beachside restaurant
  • Live the spirited nightlife with beach parties and nightclub events
  • Explore the famous Negombo fishing village
  • Enjoy a boat tour at the Hamilton Canal
  • Indulge in fresh seafood at local eateries and restaurants
  • Spend some quality time as a digital nomad
  • Go sightseeing

Best time to visit:

The best time to travel to this place would be from February to April. Usually, the weather is favorable during this time, allowing you to roam freely to have a better experience.

How to reach Brown’s Beach?

It will only take 30 minutes from the Bandaranaike International Airport Katunayake to get to Brown’s Beach. You can easily use an airport taxi service or a tuk-tuk depending on your requirement.

Learn more about the beautiful coastal town of Negombo and see what more it has to offer you. Click here for more information!

Visit The Best Beaches and Have The Most Extraordinary Beach Experiences at These Destinations in Sri Lanka!

As a country surrounded by the vast Indian Ocean, beautiful Sri lanka is blessed with a stunning sea that extends to infinity and with golden stretches of sand. It was really tricky to pick out the best beaches on this island. But still, we managed to bring you 11 of them so that you wouldn’t miss any of these places during your next trip!

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